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Hey you! A big breath of love for you!
I started this blog somewhere in 2010 and over the course of time it has ofcourse changed many times (not nearly as much as I have changed!). The one thing that has not changed is the fact that it is an extension of me and I always try to bring my energy into whatever I put out on the website and into the world.

I have been a content creator for most my life covering fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel, etc and have recently, through massive inner-growth, healing and transformation, found my higher purpose in helping people discover the power of their own breath and sub-conscious, and in the process experiencing nothing short of magic! If there is a way to shift your mindset to one that serves you much better – breathwork really is the way to go.

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    I am so grateful for you if you’ve stuck along for the ride with me through all the changes! And if you are a new reader, WELCOME! Things are changing here and internally for me EVERYDAY! I’m awake, I’m healthy, I’m in my purpose, I’m healed from my past traumas, I’m shedding my self-limiting programming everyday, I’m at peace, I’m in complete freedom, I feel connected (not just with my own body but to nature, the entire frikkin universe), I am love, I have everything I thought I had ever wanted. AND THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING! And I truly want ALL of this for you too. And together, I know we can achieve it through breathwork and inner inquiry <3
    If you are inspired and feel called to check out Breathwork, it means you are here, EXACTLY where you are supposed to be at this moment and things are aligning.

    I am currently undergoing an 8 month long Breathwork Facilitator training with The Alchemy of Breath. I am also a certified Level – II Reiki channel. I LOVE being close to nature, doing moon rituals and living a slow and magic-filled life. I hope to never stop learning, investing in myself and doing the inner work so that I can better hold space for others to begin their healing journeys and discover magic for themselves 🙂

    Write to me at: akanksha.redhu@gmail.com

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    Are you ready to TRUST, SURRENDER and LET GO

    I created this blog just after graduating from the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), New Delhi mostly because of the encouraging nudges I got from my sister Naina Redhu at naina.co and am so grateful for her inputs and immense help at odd hours.