Quarantine Birthday | In The Times of Covid-19

I know I (as well as this entire planet) am just a blip in the grander scheme of things in the universe yada yada yada but it was my first ever quarantine birthday and I really wanted it down for the records because insta posts are so fucking fleeting. So here is a quick update on what I did for my birthday being under lockdown (not alone, luckily, I had Aman to make me all the fabulous cocktails) and ofcourse pics from the day too.

I had baked myself a healthy, vegan, grain free, processed sugar-free cake the day before because I had 6 bananas that were beginning to get too ripe to be eaten as is or even used in my almost-daily smoothie consumption so this was the best way to make use of them I suppose. I usually make muffins out of these so I followed the same recipe for the muffins but put it all in one baking tray. My suggestion – don’t do that. Because my cake turned out to be very dense and moist (probably because of the 6 bananas instead of the 4 I would’ve normally used for the recipe). Luckily I like moist cakes bordering on pies and this actually tasted fantastic, especially with the rich coffee glaze I put on top of it (it was basically dalgona coffee or as Indians call it ‘phenti’ hui coffee translating into beaten coffee)

I made sure I took a shower a day before too – incase I was feeling too down to get out of bed or take a shower on my actual birthday (I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with my birthday, mostly because I’m probably petrified of getting old but still like to have a good time). SO I was up and ready for the day when I got out of bed on my birthday and luckily not feeling down (I reserved those feelings for the next day and boy did they make an entrance – I spent the entire next day in bed – partly because I was hungover and partly because, well, I was a year older).
I made sure I dressed up a bit so I wore this extra neon pair of skorts (shorts that appear like a skirt), a plain white tee because I love those and 2 extra statement necklaces, one with a neon hint to match my skirt – yes I went there. Did some cool makeup, put on dark purple lipstick coz I felt that was the state of my heart that day and started drinking at 12pm I think. We started with martinis, then went on to pina coladas, threw in a few beers in the mix and ended the night with some bomb-ass LIITS. Somewhere in the middle I ofcourse cut the cake, Aman sang a shy little happy birthday for me (still appreciate it), I did a ‘houseparty’ (the app) with some close friends, got totally smashed, cast the conversation on the TV screen so that it felt more like real life, had a midnight maggi and passed out by 1 or 2am.
All in all a pretty good day I’d say. Missed doing what I usually do – that is pretty much the same thing but with my family.

Slept like a baby and woke up with a monstrous hangover that, combined with the hate part of my relationship of my birthday, kept me excruciatingly miserable the next day. But that passed and I was back to real life the day after that.

Hope you guys had a good time reading about my day. I’m still wondering what kind of stuff I can share on the blog coz honestly being in lockdown isn’t motivating me enough to create new blog posts even though I usually love doing that. Did you like reading this kind of stuff? Would you like to read more stuff like this? Let me know because I’m frankly quite lost.

Stay strong hugs from me.
Also – here is a link to the blog post I did for my last birthday – oh how positive and full of hope I was back then lol!

Offering myself some cake hee hee



Hope you enjoyed the post!
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