Fun Fashion Choices To Get You Through Valentine’s Day

Forget EVERYTHING you’ve been conditioned to like for Valentine’s Day! Who even said that you have to wear pink/red/shiny frocks or dresses that don’t let you breathe through the evening just so that you can fit in on ‘The Day of Love’?! I mean it is about love so you should firstly and most importantly be loving yourself, your body and your choices before any other human being/pet/guru or whatever truly rocks your boat. Which is why I decided to collect a quick few fun ideas that will ease you mind, and hopefully motivate you to embrace your true self and help you be comfortable in your own skin all the while still maintaining the fact that you made an effort 😉 Hey! It might even be a conversation starter for all you know!

Personally I’m ALL about comfort when it comes to the fashion choices I make and mixing things up with a few bold accents here and there. Currently I’m obsessed with power-looks that embolden you and give your boost that added confidence (whether you have someone to celebrate the day with or not). At the end of the day you have to be able enjoy your own company am I right ladies! That is where this boss-lady look comes in. Simple, fuss-free, comfortable (with room to expand if you want to eat more than you thought you would) and hella powerful with don’t-mess-with-me kinda vibes. All it really takes is a basic solid pair of pants (mine have an elasticated waist lol) with a cosy sweater over which you wear an over-sized blazer (mine is actually form the men’s section because those usually have even more powerful shoulders). If you want to add that extra bit of bossy element you can even belt the blaze like I have. And that’s that! Notice how despite the fact that I’m literally carrying a cliche of red roses on me, I still look like deep down I don’t really care about Valentine’s Day (and even if I do, you’ll never really know!)

While I usually like to keep my makeup very basic on most days, on some days it is a great medium to express my self and what better day to pick than Valentine’s Day to go against the tide of a sea of rosy cheeks and red lips everywhere around you. Enter a fun, bold green eyeliner and a completely subtle, nude face. Strong eye makeup always lifts my spirits and this livens it up even more! Forget the red lips and go with something more unexpected – you’ll be surprised by how much more fun and open-to-new-things you’ll feel after that.

Circling back to comfort, I also love mixing things up with elements of traditional Indian dressing. Nobody said you HAVE to wear short or deathly tight dresses to be ready for V-Day. Heck if the winters are refusing to budge I’d still like to be able to feel my extremities at the end of the day. So here I’m wearing a beautiful angarakha style maxi dress with denim jeans under it because it looks so cool (this is actually the first time I’m wearing jeans under a maxi dress. Don’t know why I haven’t tried this as yet!). And I’m perfectly comfy and warm so my brain can function at full capacity when I’m having a conversation 🙂

That’s all for now! I hope you enjoyed reading my few tips and that I have managed to motivate you to try out a new or different fashion choice this Valentine’s Day – not just to stand out in the crowd, but also to feel comfortable in expressing yourself. You do you boo! Hugs and positive vibes to everybody!

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