The Best Restaurant in Leh

I’ve been visiting Leh almost every year for the past few years now. Granted we usually visit in October (for the Raid de Himalaya Motorsport Rally) which is the time most places start closing up for the winter season but we still manage to catch a few good meals here and there during our very limited free time.

I wanted to share about a restaurant we visited during our trip to Leh from October 2018 for lunch. It happenned to be their last day of being open for the season so I’d say we got really lucky. It is now officially my favorite place to get a meal or even spend the day at in Leh. Why you ask? A few reasons. First, the surprisingly incredible food. Now a place like Leh is not a place you would expect to find food you can talk about back home – mainly because of how cut-off the area happens to be for almost half a year and the lack of fresh produce that we take for granted here in the plains. But, ‘Bon Appetit’ somehow manages to provide some darn good eats with simple but brilliant ingredients. Top of my list is their Spinach Ricotta Gnocchi. Their pizzas are pretty decent too and the spaghetti meatballs is quite good as well.
Second, this restaurant serves beer – which a surprising number of places do not in Leh. In fact it’s quite difficult to find a stand alone restaurant in Leh that serves beer. I do not know why. But you get fresh chilled beer here.
Third, the location. The views this restaurant has to offer are quite frankly un-friggin-beatable. Even their interiors are so chic and minimalist. It’s almost like you aren’t in Leh. The beer, paired with the views, outdoor seating and gnocchi that literally vaporizes in your mouth and you have the best restaurant in Leh. Obviously if you’re not fond of Italian cuisine you’ll probably have to skip. But you can still visit for the beer and views brooooo!

Sitting inside the cafe

That’s what it looks from the outside

And that’s what you see when you’re sitting outside (sans Aman of course, he doesn’t come with the view)

The one time I managed to get the boys to look at me for a pic.

This is the Spinach Ricotta Gnocchi I was talking about earlier. YAAAAS HENNYYY!

Aman outside the restaurant.

Thank you to Stanzin of The Saraha Ladakh (where we stayed during our time in Leh) for the recco. Sharing a few more pics of Leh while we were there in Oct last year. If you do happen to visit Bon Appetit, do leave me a comment and let me know how you liked it. Peace out!

Beer on our way from Kargil.

Some pics from the flag off ceremony of the Raid de Himalaya.

These donkeys wanted to get a view of the action too.

Another donkey coz I liked their spot for a pic.

Fresh snow on the fresh flowers in the garden at The Saraha Ladakh.

On our drive to Leh.

All pics of me courtesy Aman Godara

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