Goa Trip with Girlfriends

The three of us had last travelled together in 2012 to Thailand and lets just say that we didn’t want it to be another decade before we did another trip. I had even blogged about the 2012 trip here. (You’ll also notice that I’m wearing one same bikini in both the trips! Haah! Probably the only blogger who repeats a bikini even after 7 years) So, somehow, we managed to plan a trip and make it happen in 2019 and we went to Goa because of time-constraints – we all live in different places (one in a different continent all together), have very different work schedules and obviously a lot more going on in our lives than what we had 7 years back.

It was a very quick 4 days in Goa and when we got together it was like nothing had ever changed. I’m glad we have the same level of comfort with each other if not a better one now.

We stayed at Terra Rossa Resort on Morjim Beach which is quite cheap because we decided to go old school and share a room between all 3 of us! For this time of the year Morjim & Ashwem beach were quite empty especially on the weekdays (Goa tourism has apparently taken a big hit in 2018 according to the locals for reasons nobody seemed to know). I love empty beaches so hey! Good for me!

We ate some really good food over the 4 days at places like Gunpowder, Olive, Palm Grove Beach Resort, Arpora Night Market, La Cucina & more. Spent time on the beach, walked around a bit, danced a bit at Soro – The Village Pub and got particularly traumatized (not me) by certain frogs in our bathroom – the first, red and black coloured one was successfully flushed away to wherever but the second and third more common looking ones were perhaps more experienced flushers so one actually came back up, swimming through human shit, flew on the wall and perched itself up there like swimming through human shit was an everyday thing for it.

Anyway, enough of that – on to the pics (no shit in these I promise)

The day we landed in Goa we went in for a sundowner at La Plage just in time to catch the sunset and eat an early dinner.

Next day was a chill day on Morjim Beach. Got some sun Beds at Orion Beach Shack, got coffees, juices, coconut waters, etc and horsed around in the sea.

Swimsuit is by Sunseekers Official

After that it was lunch at Gunpowder in Assagao. We overate. So much so that we decided to skip dinner that day. Don’t miss the Kingfish in Coconut Curry and the Spicy Chorizo starters. Also, TOO MANY PINACOLADAS because sooo good.
Friday nght we went out dancing for a bit to Soro The Village Pub. Live music, fresh brewed beers and an okay DJ. But the right company is usually all that matters. Fun fun night.

Shirt is by Three Clothing

At Soro

Next day was spent sun bathing on Ashwem Beach and for lunch we found the perfect spot at Palm Grove Beach Resort and spent the entire day drinking chilled white wine. I loved the avocado prawn sandwich there.

Sunday was spent having fresh cocktails and great food at Olive. I had the Goan Chorizo Poi Boy. Oh and do not miss their Margarita Pitcher – Da Bomb Dot Com!

After that we caught the last sunset of our trip back at Morjim Beach and it was perfection.

Thanks to a charming old man who clicked this cheesy but awesome pic of us.

Followed by Dinner at La Cucina right outside our resort just before we left for the airport for late night flights back to our own places. Loved the pizzas at La Cucina!

Hope to do this with my babies sooner next time. Deepika is a boss lady at Teach For India in Pune and Anviti is currently on a 3 month sabbatical from her job at Amazon in Luxemborg – she is learning some traditional Indian crafts in India and travelling across the world during her 3 months. I.AM.BLOGGING. L.O.L

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