Reflecting Back – 2018

2018 is almost over and since I have recently re-started keeping a journal and had missed out on doing it for 2018 (and many many more years before that), I kinda want to think back to all the cool and uncool things that have happened in the past year – just to gather my thoughts. The older I get, the stronger the urge to want to remember things of the past, hang on to the beautiful details of life gets. That doesn’t mean I don’t look forward to the future – I’m all about the future – where to travel next, what cool shoot I can do next but there’s a certain romance in the past too. So I’m just gonna start listing things that I got to experience – both good and bad – in the past year, not in a chronological order because that’s just too much work :/

For starters, I got to meet a few friends from high school. After high school. Thats after 16 years. So that was just such a great time to meet them, talk to them like only a few months had come to pass. It felt great.

I didn’t travel as much but we had a really lovely family vacation at Lebua Corbett.

Celebrated my birthday with the fam at fave Whisky Samba and it was a blast. I even wore something shiny lol!

Staying in Delhi I do get a chance to meet some of my close friends even if they’re just flying into the country to travel to some other place. That’s probably one of the only reasons I like Delhi I think.

I got to work on a beautiful project with Bvlgari and did a very interesting shoot with them over Raksha Bandhan which was a first for me and perhaps for the brand as well. Working with them was such a breeze.

I managed to attain 2 yoga poses that I had set goals for – the headstand (unsupported) and a pigeon variation. I can do both now! Wooohh!

Also wore a few sarees this year after ages. Felt great. Looked great.

Other trips to Hamira, Jaipur with Rajasthali, Ranikhet, Raid De Himalaya with baby boo, Kerala with Aman, Colombo for Colombo Fashion Week with Naina, Coorg with Renault, London + Manchester + Liverpool with Love Great Britain, Goa with Aman + Gurab + Kismet + Arjun and Pune for New Years last year.

2018 is also the year avocado toasts became a thing for me. And i smeared red lipstick on my eyelids, rocked the red eyeshadow and frikkin loved it!

I also got to work with so many other great brands like Jahan Exhibitions, Pantaloons, Kurkure, Mevofit, Le Mill Bombay, Kaya Skin Clinics, Swiss Image Skincare, Vogue Eyewear, Isharya, Warehouse By Mudita Exhibitions, Droom, Carlton London, Lakme, Glenmorangie, Jatin Malik Couture, Faces Canada Cosmetics, Baskin Robbins, Phoenix Marketcity Chennai, Samsung, FabAlley, Chivas, Airbnb, Lotto Sport, Simba Beer, Craftsvilla, Shaze Accessories, Renault, Neu Salonz, Reebok Classics, Freshlook Contacts and more! Wow if I hadn’t gone back and actually taken note I wouldn’t have realised that I got to work with so many amazing brands and still managed to travel so much in 2018! And I am truly so thankful for all of it, especially all the brands and PR agencies who have worked with me in the past and have enough faith in me to execute a project.

Celebrated Mum’s birthday at Triple 8. That was a fantastic afternoon as well.

Aman & I celebrated our anniversary and had a wonderful stay at Westin Sohna. Damn that blog post did so well! We’re going to Phuket in 2019!

The opportunity to create content for luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Dior & Chopard was also an amazing highlight.

I bought my first fucking Chanel in 2018!! I always prefer saving and investing money or spending it on travel as compared to spending on luxury but now that I have saved some money and also have a few investments, I can look at stuff like this I suppose.

Managed to cut out dairy and processed sugar from my diet quite majorly. Can’t tell you how glad I am that I did. Tried intermittent fasting – quite loved it.

Another big thing – my acne cleared up you guys! I had the most absolute worst acne situation at the beginning of 2018 and it may have taken me the whole year pretty much but almost all of it has gone. I had a recent visit by ‘Rex’ after almost 2 months of completely clear skin. Yeah I named him.

I swam after ages (swam as in proper swimming in a pool regularly, not swimming on a beach). Took a membership in 2018 summers and was quite regular. It toned me up so well and made me loose all the 2017 holiday weight which was being very stubborn otherwise.

Amidst all this there were a few stressful/bad times too (you just don’t get to see it on the gram, maybe that should change). Both Mom and dad had to be taken to the hospital (separately thankfully). But I’m thankful that they got to walk out of them too. I was diagnosed with PCOD and a large cyst on my right ovary. Still working on that.

I plan on travelling a bit more in 2019 and can’t wait to see what’s in store.

A big thank you and hug to each and everyone of you who follows me, reads my blog posts, engages with me and likes my content enough to come back for more. YAAAASSS. Let’s do this.

Some memories in pics for you guys and even me!

Friends I got to see and hang with.

Hope you enjoyed the post!
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