Lebua Corbett – A Family Vacation

We usually manage 1 family vacation in a year where it’s Naina & I, Mom & Dad and Bharat & Aman. But this year was almost over without one (which is also okay I suppose, but it’s always a nice break to get away from the city with the whole ‘kunbaa’ (jing-bang) as we put it. So, after all our schedules managed to miraculously match, we were able to finally lock in on the dates and were more than excited to be invited by the newly opened Lebua Corbett.

A decent 6-7 hour drive from Delhi is something that most people can handle and we were welcomed into the lush green cover of the Corbett region with an AQI of 20 (the best thing a person living in usual daily AQI of 400-500 can ask for in my books). I still can’t get over the fact that air can indeed be so clean (for a second I thought my lungs won’t be able to process all that clean air, just kidding, or am I?)

Anyway, these images are literally the bare minimum I could manage to select for you guys after days of pulling my hair out because there are so many more that I just did not want to eliminate in the process. At the rate at which I’m going I just might share a separate blog story showing you only all the amazing food we ate at Lebua Corbett (but that’s for another time).

If you’re thinking to yourself – ‘Ooh Lebua Corbett…’, stop right there and just book it for yourself, it’ll be the best decision you ever made. I’m serious. Everything right from the impeccable, personalised and warm cosy service to the incredible food we got to consume (prepared by Chef Kala), to the location of the property, to the experiences they offer on and off the property, to the fresh, happy minds and souls we all came back to Delhi with – it’s all the very best and more than we could have ever expected. It almost feels like a dream now but this family Corbett trip courtesy Lebua is something we will always cherish.

Some of my other favorite things were meeting Diana, one of the horses at the property, bird watching with Balwant, one of the in-house wildlife experts, the safari into the Jim Corbett National Park where we completely lucked out and spotted ‘Sharmilee’, a well known tigress (not once but twice on the same safari. WHAAAAAAA. YEAH), reading a book in the sun, literally everything we ate (don’t miss the Hungarian Goulash, never eaten so much lamb in a single sitting), the flower arrangements courtesy Deepak, the F&B head at Lebua Corbett (he is so good!), lunch at the edge of the forest with mimosas, my bath (with the wild forest flowers) and beer by the pool in the afternoon.
And oops I almost forgot – spending time with the fam haah!

Hope you guys enjoy the pics because I had the most wonderful time at Lebua Corbett and the entire team that took such incredibly good care of us (parents especially) – Adarsh, Deepak, Chef Kala, Balwant and ofcourse Faisal!

The boys

We were all served 6 different eggs one day for breakfast. You can only imagine all the plates being passed across the table that day (so that we could taste the other persons dish!)

Sitting in the private sitting area in front of our 3 suites.

Time for lunch, but first…

Cool natural things kept for beauty applications on arrival

No better combination – beer, pool, sunshine.

Dessert served on a mirror so that you can judge yourself for consuming sugar or just fix your makeup maybe.


Evening tea with a view from Naina & Bharat’s suite.

Chef Kala

Seated by the pool having beer and gin n tonics. I don’t have a drink in my hand because I was taking a selfie :/

With Adarsh, Faisal & Deepak

{Sweater + Top + Pants: Zara/ Boots: Uggs}

{Sweater: Forever 21/ Pants: Ajio}

My beautiful bath…and legs

During the safari


That’s what our suite looked like

It’s also fun to have an evening tea or coffee up on the machaan.

Mimosas on the edge of the Jim Corbett National Park

Mom & Pops

Mom enjoying the mimosas

How magical was our lunch setting man!

Finally made him change his expression by sticking my tongue out.

Having a crazy moment with Deepak and Chef Kala

Hitting a spot for Diana. (Dunno why but ‘Dirty Diana’ was playing in my head throughout the time I scratched her head)

Hope you enjoyed the post!
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