Found another great place that will serve as a beautiful weekend getaway from Delhi. Hamira is a luxury home-stay that has the perfect balance of warm, exemplary service, paired with the amenities of a luxury hotel, an old-world charm and food that makes you feel right at home! It is situated in a place called Hamira, in Kapurthala and will take you about 7 hours to drive from Delhi. Roads are pretty great so it’s mostly a smooth ride.

And when you get there, it feels like a completely different world, away from any humdrum, views you’ll never want to leave behind and a temperature regulated pool that you can live in on crisp sunny winter afternoons. The property itself is a luxury ancestral house of the Jaiswal family and they have made it look and feel just like a home. With 9 total rooms,they also have an option for the entire property to be booked.

We stayed at the Mora Suite overlooking the pool (because I’m a total water baby). Another favorite part for me was their study room that houses a very impressive library that you can spend your entire stay in. I got my hands on a ‘Chicken Soup For The Soul’ after the longest time and got teary eyed for literally each story (took me right back to my childhood. Just that I don’t remember being so emotional for sentimental stories when I was younger!!)

I’ll leave you guys with photographs from our stay at Hamira. Hope you enjoy them and think of heading there if you’re looking to escape Delhi for the weekend or even longer.

Relaxing after a dip in the pool

Home-made Chinese for dinner

Mutton curry for lunch. 2 things that you MUST NOT miss on trying are the butter-chicken and gajar-ka-halwa (carrot pudding), especially in the winters. I died and went to heaven after over-eating their gajar-ka-halwa.

{ Outfit Details }
Swimsuit: Marks & Spencer
Sunglasses: Vogue Eyewear
Location Courtesy Hamira
Pics of me courtesy Aman Godara

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