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Swiss Image is a well established beauty and skincare brand that has recently forayed into the Indian market and that means all kinds of great things because you will now have access to Swiss made skincare products, with some very interesting and unique active ingredients, available readily online and in physical stores at extremely competitive prices. The list of pros with Swiss Image are many. Let me quickly introduce you to the brand:
– All their products are paraben, SLS/SLES & pthalates free which means good for your skin, suitable for sensitive skins and good for the environment too.
– Very competitive pricing for skincare products made using Swiss ingredients in Switzerland as opposed to other similar beauty brands like Vichy or La Roche Posay that are no longer easily available in India either.
– Three main collections – Essential Care (what I’m currently using) + Anti-Age Care (with specific age ranges and products for them: 36yrs+ is elasticity boosting and 46yrs+ is re-firming) + Whitening Care (not to be confused with skin whitening because they won’t actually change the color of your skin, that just absurd, but this range focuses on evening out the skin tone whatever color it may be and helps in reducing pigmentation, dark spots and blemishes)
– Because they have complete skincare collections containing all steps necessary in a skincare regime, it’s easy to start using them, adopt a Swiss Image Regimen and stick to it. The Essential Care range that I’m currently using has products right from cleansing milk, eye make up remover, face wash, face scrub, toner, day cream, night cream, hydration face mask and more! Phew! It’s pretty amazing.
– They have some exciting ingredients in their products like Alpine Glacier Melt water which is as excotic as it sounds because it is loaded with naturally occurring vitamins and minerals that are all very good to build and protect the skin. Snow Algae is used in their anti-ageing range because of its ability to survive and thrive in extreme weather and harsh conditions. This strengthens the skin’s barrier and encourages collagen production. Other ingredients include complex Swiss Botanical Extracts like Panthenol and Edelweiss, Vitamin E and Anogeissus Leiocarpus Bark Extract that neutralizes free radicals and protects the skin.

A few weeks back I got the opportunity to meet with the Swiss Image Team right here in Delhi. We tried out loads of products, consulted with their expert, got a small presentation giving us a deeper introduction to the brand and we even indulged in quite an intense Q&A session. It was a great experience because we felt like we’d become a part of the Swiss Image family. Here are some pics from the event.

I also wanted to show you guys the products I’m currently using from Swiss Image and what my experience has been with them so far. I have a combination/oily skin prone to acne so I went for their range of products meant for combination skin. Read on. I’m also providing info towards the end of the post on where you can shop Swiss Image products online.

Refreshing Cleansing Milk & Double Action Eye-Makeup Remover
Their Cleansing Milk happens to be one of my favorite Swiss Image products so far. There is something so luxe about a cleansing milk and the way it removes your makeup and impurities – feels quite satisfying. Why I love it so much is because its a multi-tasking product that removes makeup, dirt, pollution, impurities and excess oil from all day long in one step without over-drying the skin in any way. Infact my skin feels refreshed, cleansed, hydrated and calm once I’m done using the cleansing milk. No tightness, only a supple happy feeling and I love that about this product.
Ofcourse if you’re wearing some heavy duty waterproof eye makeup (think bridal intensity level), the Double Action Eye-Makeup Remover is an extra step you might want to look at. Takes care of your eye makeup and lipstick in one swipe!

Soothing Face Wash Gel Cream
A light. refreshing gel that I use as a face wash. I like how gentle this product is on the skin – making it very suitable for sensitive skin. This is another cleansing product that leaves the skin feeling hydrated and comfortable and the squeezy tube makes it a perfect cleansing product to carry for travel. Did I mention it smells like you’re waking up in a field or grass!

Gentle Exfoliating Daily Scrub
I find it very important to remove any dead skin cells that tend to accumulate because of some of the acne focussed products I use. And the best way to do that is to exfoliate in routine so that any kind of buildup is avoided. I appreciate that I now have a scrub that I can literally use on a daily basis to take care of that bit of my skincare because some scrubs can be so coarse or harsh that using them even twice a week can make my skin red, angry and overly-sensitive. This scrub hasn’t irritated my skin at all. Its got a light, gel-like texture that doesn’t weigh the skin down in any way.

Refreshing & Mattifying Toner
Another star product by Swiss Image – this toner delivers exactly what it promises – mattified skin. No seriously, it makes a difference in just the first application – the skin feels and appears more matte and stays that way, shine-free for longer. And the more regularly you use this toner, the longer its effects start lasting. Toning is anyway a very important step in my skincare regimen so this is the perfect product for that. It’s also a good product if you’re looking for a quick fix to refreshed skin and don’t have time for a facial – definitely helps my skin from looking tired.

Absolute Hydration Day Cream
Priced at just INR 649 for a bottle of 50ml, this is a cream that I can see so many women adopting as part of their beauty routine. The Alpine Glacier water in this cream provides 24/7 hydration to the skin while protecting against external factors like pollution and dirt. The cream has a very light and gentle fragrance and texture to it – it doesn’t seem heavy on application and infact melts into a slightly watery texture that almost instantly gets absorbed into the skin on spreading. The way it leaves the skin feeling hydrated but not heavy or greasy is superb. it’s so good that it might trick you into thinking that you should apply more cream but a little bit really does go a long way.

Click here to shop Swiss Image products on AMAZON
They are also available on Myntra & Nykaa.

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