PRP Treatment or Vampire Facial Experience

So today I went in for my very first PRP Treatment at Skin Alive. I have heard so much about this treatment (it is also popularly known as the Vampire Facial because some people’s faces look blood soaked during and after the procedure) and had been wanting to get one done for quite some time now. The thing with PRP Facials is that you can only get it done if you don’t have any active acne on your face and since I do struggle with acne I always had some form of it on my face – whether it was just blooming, right on raging or on its way out – there was always some of it to deal with. This month however I realised that I hadn’t gotten a single acne lesion since my last menstrual cycle. So I jumped and booked an appointment for the PRP Treatment.

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma. Now what this treatment involved was extracting my blood from my arm, separating the plasma from the blood while I waited with numbing cream slathered on my face for about 30 – 45 minutes. After that the dermatologist draws the plasma out in separate syringes and starts micro-needling my face with a dermaroller while simultaneously squirting my plasma into the thousands of tiny holes or ‘channels’ that are created in my skin because of the tiny needles on the dermaroller. I didn’t feel a thing while all of this was happening thanks to the numbing cream. But my skin did become redder than I’ve ever seen it in certain areas and spots depending on where my facial skin is sensitive – for me this was around my nose, around my lips and under my eyes. It doesn’t look pretty but that’s why it’s called the Vampire Facial.

The numbing cream feels a bit weird too – like ice is being run across the face constantly. It’s not cold but feels really chilly – Again a first time experience for me. That’s me with the numbing cream on my face.

Blood being extracted.

Plasma separated from the blood.

Micro-needling being done on my face.

Plasma being squirted during micro-needling.

The reason why PRP Treatment has gained so much traction is the fact that since it’s your own blood that is used and your own plasma that is injected back into the skin, the chances of the skin having an allergic reaction are nullified because no foreign substance or chemical is used on it.

When your skin is infused with the platelet rich plasma, it stimulates collagen and elastin fibers to promote cell turnover. This rejuvenates the skin, helps in addressing any acne scars on the face, brightens the complexion and even tightens the skin a bit. All this because the platelets are high in growth & repair hormones and the micro-needling stimulates skin regeneration.

The plasma was left on my face as is to dry up. I’m not supposed to do anything for the next 3 hours, post which I can wash my face. Follow up is fairly simple – 4 days of applying an anti-bacterial ointment and LOTS of sunscreen. Makeup can be applied the next day if you’d like to.

It was an exciting experience for me since it was my first time. Right now my skin looks quite bruised and red and the dried plasma is still on so it feels tight (like when you apply an egg-white mask on your face and it tightens up)

Pricing at Skin Alive: INR 25k for a single session. 45k for a package of 3 sessions (Plus taxes)

Hope you guys enjoyed reading about my first PRP Treatment. I can’t wait to see if it makes any difference! Skin Alive is a great place to go get your PRP done if it intrigues you.

Hope you enjoyed the post!
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