Rajasthali Resort, Jaipur

Aman and I recently had a quick weekend getaway from the city and drove out to Jaipur to stay at The Rajasthali Resort (it’s actually about 20km short of Jaipur). And it turned out to be quite a relaxing weekend. The Resort itself is set in a very picturesque location right next to some Aravali hills and is a grand hotel – it’s quite huge, has a very powerful and beautiful exterior and they also have luxury tents as accommodation. We chose to stay in their suite, the city-dwellers that we are! (I’m just kidding! The tents are super nice too!)

Lovely views all around, a pretty pool to take a dip in any time and yummy Indian food we couldn’t get enough off! The hotel actually stays quite busy during the weekends because it attracts a lot of people from Jaipur itself, looking for a break. The day we arrived it was bright and sunny – Rajasthan style but the next two days saw constant rain and drizzle – that did kill the views and mood a bit but the weather did turn out to be exquisitely amazing! It was a win!

Sharing some pics from the weekend at Rajasthali Resort! Hope you guys have fun watching!

Our bed

Enjoying brekkie in our suite and these views

White Dress: Buna Studio
Pink Dress: AJIO
Animal Print Shirt: Mango
Photographs of me courtesy Aman Godara
Location courtesy Rajasthali Resort

Hope you enjoyed the post!
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