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I have stayed away from wearing sarees for the longest time (a lot of people who know me also know that the only times I have worn a saree in the past are on my two farewells – tenth and twelfth grade). I don’t have anything against sarees – I just never learnt how to tie one and after that I just got lazy. I do love the way they look and fall on a body but the entire tying process somehow just seemed too elaborate bordering on time wasting to me personally and throughout my younger years I was always running away from the ‘feminine’ norms to seem tougher (go figure!) But, recently due to work gigs, I was sent into the direction of sarees and I wasn’t complaining (just as long as there was someone to tie one for me lol)

This time around, Palam Silks got in touch with me and told me I could have ‘fun’ with their gorgeous Kanchipuram Silk saree from their ‘Folklore’ Collection and I am always up for fun. So I thought of not going the traditional way but making the look a bit more interesting – in this case a bit boho-edgy. The style that I’ve tied the saree in is perhaps the simplest way to drape a saree around you body which made this entire shoot even more alluring to me. Hope You guys have fun with this look and enjoy the pics!

Also, a hat am I right! Sati-savitree but make it fashun!

Kanchipuram Silk Saree: Palam Silks
Body-suit: Forever 21
Photographs of me courtesy Aman Godara
Location courtesy Westin Gurgaon

Hope you enjoyed the post!
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