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Back from a bit of a break – we travelled to the hills but I found myself mostly shooting so it didn’t turn out to be a break I deserve but luckily I love what I do so I don’t want to kill myself for not taking an ACTUAL vacation now that I’m back. Oops! On the brighter, more exciting side – I have loads of new looks for you guys so yayyiee! ANother addition to the ‘SUMMER LOOKBOOK’ before summer ends.

August was an insane month work-wise, I did SO much, I literally never thought my body and mind would be capable of cramming so much work in 1 month – but I did it – and I kicked ass. September has been pretty crazy too and I know it’s going to get even more so towards the end. I have lots of exciting shoots and projects coming up – I feel like a bouncy ball bouncing infinitely against the walls just thinking about the things I can do with the projects at hand – my mind never shuts off – I really need to take out time to meditate. Can you tell? From the way I’m writing? How frantic/distracted my brain is? Phew! I need a fucking vacation! This line almost seems like a joke to me now.

Getting back on track – I have the prettiest, moth ethereal Indian outfit for you guys today. Not Indian in a let’s attend wedding functions Indian, but a lot more sober, understated, almost calming, ‘I feel like wearing Indian all day today’ Indian. Makes sense?
It’s in one of my favorite current fabrics – Chanderi (I’ve seen an impressive resurgence of Chanderi fabric recently with quite a few Indian labels using it in their collections and I’m loving it! Or perhaps it’s just because of the season?) All outfit details are as usual given at the end of the blog post along with all the product links incase you guys want to shop this look.
ps – I shopped these as separate pieces from the website and put them together – the kurts & slip + dupatta + pants.

The Loom | Akanksha Redhu | full front dupatta back twirl

The Loom | Akanksha Redhu | half front arms squeezed

The Loom | Akanksha Redhu | short necklace details

The Loom | Akanksha Redhu | full side dupatta one hand fly

The Loom | Akanksha Redhu | half side hair fly

The Loom | Akanksha Redhu | fabric layers

The Loom | Akanksha Redhu | dupatta unheld

The Loom | Akanksha Redhu | full side long cover

The Loom | Akanksha Redhu | embroidery details

{ Outfit Details }
Chanderi Tunic + Printed Cotton Slip: The Loom – Direct Link
Chanderi Dupatta: The Loom – Direct Link
Cotton Pants: The Loom – Direct Link
Earrings: Beserk Official
Necklaces: eBay
Location: Ranikhet

Hope you enjoyed the post!
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