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I know it’s raining now but summer is still very much here. I discovered another lovely Indie label and am wearing their dress here today. I recently very publicly condemned shopping from Zara on my insta stories saying that you should shop local/Indie. At the same time you have ofcourse seen me wear brands like Mango, Charles & Keith, etc here and there. My problem with Zara is that while they are a ‘fast fashion’ brand and have been linked to various stances of horrible conditions for the factory workers that they associate with, on top of that, their products are , forget not built to last, they crumble after the first wash/use. I have NEVER once had a Zara product that has lasted me more than a year and that is just shameful on their part. Mango, on the other hand, while still a fast fashion brand manages to produce clothes that I still wear 5 years later – so that, for me actually classifies as slow fashion in a way. Zara makes their clothes consciously disintegrate extremely fast so that it’s consumers are encouraged to shop more, again and this philosophy doesn’t sit well with me. Zara India, on facebook, had also plagiarized and used the work of a lot of photographers and influencers without any permissions and no credits either. On a whole, the brand doesn’t seem to have any sort of values. If Zara had good quality clothes that lasted I’d probably shop from them today. My philosophy is – try and support local Indie brands as much as you can and for the rest of the brands, spend your money on clothes that will not only last you longer than 2 months but will also be kinder to the only planet that you can inhabit for now. I recently wore an animal print shirt on instagram from Mango that is about 6 years old – that kinda goes against my principles of being a ‘fashion blogger’ (OMG isn’t she supposed to wear new clothes every time – bish no), I don’t really let that bother me.

Moving back to my fun SUMMER LOOKBOOK, hope you guys enjoy the pics. All outfit details are given towards the end of the post. And if you do own a piece of Zara clothing that you feel has lasted you quite long, I’d love to hear all about it in the comments section below – please do share.

full front hands on waist

half front arms up

bag wall torso

full side

front half hands on waist


full side arms up

half back


full front long

bag front focus

{ Outfit Details }
Dress: The Burnt Soul Hand-made in 100% cotton.
Sunglasses: Vogue Eyewear
Bag: Charles & Keith
Heels: Truffle Collection India
Photographs of me courtesy Prateeq

Hope you enjoyed the post!
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