Times Life { Apr 2018 }

So happy to be in today’s Times Life supplement of Times Of India, talking a bit about bikinis and what it means to wear them openly on my social media feed. Nothing serious I promise – but just the basics of what it is to me. Hope you guys enjoy reading!

Thank you Nupur for including me in the feature and to everybody who sent me snaps of the paper today! Yay! Go grab a copy if you haven’t yet.

And for fun, here are a few of my pics in…bikinis…OBVIOUSLY! It’s bikini season officially so yay! You can click on each pic to see the original travel story that it was featured in.

My body has changed the way it looks every year and I have NEVER put it through any crash diets or difficult regimes because that is absolutely not what life is about. I’ve had phases where I haven’t worked out for 5 months at a stretch, eaten junk for a couple of months together, etc, but I always come back to decently balanced and clean eating habits and semi-regular workouts (whatever keeps me happy) – I have never believed in killing myself over the way my body looks because I don’t believe in the concept that there is a certain or 10 ways in which a body ‘should’ look. The only constant that has been throughout ALL of these phases is me wearing a goddamned bikini if I’m on a beach or near a pool – bloated, skinny, skinny-fat or fat – Indian uncles and their gazes be damned.

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