Anniversary Getaway – The Westin Sohna Resort & Spa

For our anniversary this year, Aman & I were looking to get away from the city but we didn’t want to go out too far because of work. And Delhi being Delhi, there are not many places you can escape to if you just have 2 nights on your mind – you can forget the hills and Neemrana has been done and overdone. Which is why when The Westin Sohna Resort & Spa came to mind (and I also realised that we had, in the past, experienced the Spa at the property), it was quite a bit of a eureka moment for us! The perfect idea – it took us just over an hour to drive from South Delhi to the property and it seemed like we had definitely left the Delhi NCR area far far behind (spotting of actual blue skies always does that to you when you’ve lived in Delhi for as long as I have)

We got settled in our gorgeous 2 bedroom villa with a private pool no less – it’s Villa no. 207 and honestly we don’t know why the 2 days whizzed past so quickly. By the end of it we were totally relaxed (you must try the Westin Workout Massage at the ‘Heavenly Spa’ – it’s perfect for sore and tired muscles and it’ll make you want to sleep for the next 2 years! So good!), we were definitely over-fed by the brilliant and enthusiastic Westin team (special thank you to Parveen for taking such good care of us – we had basically started whatsapping him what we wanted for breakfast in bed by the end of it. lol!) and we had a complete blast on our anniversary staycation. Yay!

The Westin Sohna Resort & Spa is a massive property that has I believe 90 rooms and villas and for those who haven’t visited earlier – they have 2 pools. We discovered the second pool on the very last day by chance (it’s for serious swimmers because it’s purely a lap pool situated right next to the gym). The other pool is more of a leisure pool accompanied by a kiddy pool right next to it.

Showing you lots of pics from our getaway. Hope you enjoy them!

(Dress: H&M)

(Top + Shoes: H&M | Bag: Chanel | Shorts: Forever 21)

(Outfit: Keva Designs)

As you enter the Spa

(Dress: H&M)

Hope you enjoyed the post!
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