Giyanti Coffee Roasters – Jakarta

This was on the 2nd day of my first ever visit to Jakarta. I had been to Bali last year for a month long stay but I hadn’t been to any other part of Indonesia. So when I was approached by the digitally very active Ministry of Tourism of Indonesia to join them on a 10 day long #TripOfWonders to explore different areas in Indonesia and create content to share my journey with my followers, I HAD to say yes. Besides, I get to visit Bali for a second time so it was a no brainer for me.

We visited Jakarta, Padang, Yogyakarta followed by Ubud & Seminyak in Bali over the 10 days. I shared many live updates on Instagram and you can see them all on the hashtag #RedhuxTOW but I also thought of sharing the places that I really liked on the blog here.

We visited Giyanti Coffee Roastery before heading out for some lunch and shopping. Giyanti is one of the first and biggest coffee bean supplier from Jakarta and eventually decided to branch out into being an actual cafe. Which is when they converted this clinic into the Giyanti Coffee Roastery in 2012.

Besides providing really good and popular coffee in Jakarta, this happens to be a very picturesque cafe popular with the Instagram kids because every corner of this coffee place is an Instagram worthy frame. Good enough to make all 10 of us bloggers lose our minds clicking pics here. But did I mention that the coffee was so so good! Sharing a few clicks of the cafe. Enjoy!

@hashtagbylily and @polabur instagramming their coffees.

Hope you enjoyed the post!
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