Rules Don’t Apply

When it comes to fashion, I have always been vocal about not being very fond of trends or never being interested in following them – and I still stick to it – why must one take fashion so seriously – they’re clothes and outfits and you only need to be comfortable and have fun with it. It’s so frustrating when I see articles and lists of ‘rules’ that you need to be aware of in fashion. Wear this, don’t wear that. It’s so subjective, what I like, the second person may completely despise for their own reasons – heck my own mother finds my middle hair parting repulsive. But that didn’t stop me from keeping a middle parting ALL THE TIME for a year straight! I always got nagged for it – but I loved how different it made me look (and I also got a LOT of support and love from a lot of you guys! So it kept me going heh).

Which is why this post (and outfit) is just my way of reiterating that in fashion ‘rules don’t apply’. Wear whatever you want as long as you know it makes you feel good. Who says you can’t wear a multi-color sequin jacket with a loud floral dress and add even more color with a bright red bag?! I certain don’t – I do exactly that – with this look that is completely from a website I recently discovered –
And I love the funky energy of the whole look. Plus that jacket is so many kinds of disco awesome don’t you think?

RIVA Fashion is one of the leading online fashion stores in the Middle East and they ship to India now! Yay! They have a lot of fun styles to pick from, which is why it took me quite some time to narrow down my choices for an outfit. I was spoilt for choice. My entire outfit is from RIVA and if you use the code ‘akanksha20’ you can shop at a 20% discount. Free Shipping is not included however.

And on November 27th Cyber Monday, you can use the code ‘RIVA30’ to get 30%off + Free shipping. Valid for only that one day.

Hope you enjoy the look!

{ Outfit Details }
Dress + Jacket + Bag + Sneakers: RIVA Fashion
Photographs of me courtesy Aman Godara
Location courtesy Cafe Tesu, New Delhi

Hope you enjoyed the post!
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