Monsoon Hair Care Regimen

The unbearable heat, after having done its damage on the hair, is now followed by drastic changes with the monsoons – high humidity and over-all damp conditions. Such changes in the weather can really affect the overall quality and health of your hair resulting in loss of not just volume and body but also in shine and manageability. So keeping the Delhi rains in mind, I decided to put together an easy, effective and uncomplicated haircare regimen that I am going to be following to keep my hair happy and in check with BBLUNT products.

India, being such a large country with so many different climates and having such a variety of ethnicities resulting in different lengths, texture and quality of hair – BBLUNT has simplified hair care and created a system specifically for Indian hair.
There are not too many hoops to jump through here – just figure out the basic quality structure of your hair, what areas they will need some attention on and you can custom create your own hair care regimen using the BSYSTEM that is a three-fold system that works for every hair using BBLUNT salon expertise – Prep –> Style –> Transform.

The BBLUNT system and products that work together to give my hair life during the monsoons are listed below. 3 products in 3 steps and I’m done! I usually wash my hair twice in a week.

Full On Volume Shampoo for Fine Hair

I personally, firstly, love the happy yellow color of the bottle. The shampoo does not have a very strong fragrance to it and has a creamy, luminous texture when you pump it out on your palm. One pump is more than enough for hair that is longer than shoulder length so I reckon this bottle will last a long time. Also, it produces very impressive lather which is another reason why you don’t need too much of it at a time. My hair feel well cleansed and somehow moisturized at the same time after using this shampoo.
– This shampoo is meant for someone with fine or low density hair
– Apart from giving incredible volume and lift to the hair, it also retains essential moisture. Fine hair feels big, bouncy and alive. Win – This is a color protect formula as well.
– Key ingredients are HYDROLYZED RICE PROTEIN that gives volume to hair, PROVITAMIN B5 (D PANTHENOL) that protects against hair damage, thickens hair and improves lustre and sheen & GLYCERIN which moisturises the hair.

Perfect Balance Conditioner for Normal to Dry Hair

This conditioner comes in the most adorable bottle shape, that stands with the opening at the bottom, like how all conditioner bottles should be but a lot aren’t. The product has a lovely and strong fragrance to it that leaves your hair smelling wonderful for the rest of the day. Again, a very moisturizing conditioner that takes care of all tangles in my hair strands. I love to comb my hair with a wide toothed wooden comb in the shower itself post the conditioner. It makes styling them later on a lot easier.
– This conditioner is meant for normal hair that tends to get dry because of the climate.
– It re-energies and restores moisture balance of tired and lifeless hair. And also helps in maintaining the natural health of the hair.
– Key ingredients are GLYCERIN, PROVITAMIN B5 (D PANTHENOL), AQUAXYL that maintains moisture deep in the hair, protects the integrity of the hair fibre, ALMOND OIL that conditions and nourishes hair and a MOISTURE COMPLEX that is designed to ensure healthy moisture levels in hair

Climate Control Anti-Frizz Leave in Cream

This truly is the hero product by BBLUNT. If you use this, you need nothing else to make your hair manageable. But you must remember to use it every time you wash your hair after towel drying your hair while they are still damp. It settles onto each and every hair strand and keeps them exceptionally calm even during the monsoon humidity.
– Meant for those who want great looking hair in hot, dry or humid weather
– This leave in cream enhances the natural movement and smoothens the hair. Nourishes and provides maximum frizz control and protects from environmental and heat styling damage.
– Key ingredients are QUINOA that repairs damaged hair surface and thus improve wet & dry combing results. Improve gloss, and protects colour, HYDROLYZED KERATIN that increases the tensile strength of hair by increasing the amount of cystine and thus protecting the hair and PROVITAMIN B5 (D PANTHENOL).
– Apply evenly, focusing on mid-lengths & ends, keeping away from the scalp.

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Photographs of me courtesy Aman Godara

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