Jakarta Skyscrapers & A Tree

It’s my first visit to Jakarta. So NATURALLY I took pics of EVERYTHING. It doesn’t matter what city I visit though, because Skyscrapers ALWAYS fascinate me (I don’t know why I’m using so many cap letter words).

The girls from the Ministry of Tourism of Indonesia who were accompanying me on the #TripOfWonders were so fascinated to see me so fascinated with all the buildings. Lol. What can I say! I get fascinated easily. Besides, it’s always important to look up wherever you are (you never know what you miss)

I am enjoying the direction my blog is going in currently because I do want travel to be an equal part of it. While I don’t want to be a travel-exclusive blogger (I do enjoy spending time at a base, being able to see family frequently and having days when I have the luxury of not having to get out of bed if I feel like it) But I was getting a bit bored of doing just outfits and looks. There’s only so many poses to pose and locations in Delhi you can afford to do a shoot at without being eye-fucked by the men around. So I wanted to have a healthy mix of both – travel and outfits. A post that’s not boring with 15 pics of the same outfit and not a sensory overload of all 15 pics being of different things from a trip. But something that feels a lot more natural not just to me (in terms of executing it) but also to you, my readers where you feel like you were a part of my journey while I was traveling. Things I did, food I ate and the clothes I choose to take with me and wear because real life clothes can sometimes be more tricky than ‘shoot’ clothes – you have to plan, be smart with your choices so that a few clothes can last you longer (yes, I like to pack light).

Anyway, I digress. I just wanted to do more posts that I enjoy creating while on the go. Like this one – a random one oi it may seem so – but it’s bae. Hope you enjoy a view of up above in Jakarta – buildings & sky. And a tree just because 🙂

Hope you enjoyed the post!
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