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I received the loveliest gift By Forest Essentials in the mail recently – a box of their newly launched ‘Luxury Silk Soaps‘ for me to try out! I’m crazy about natural soaps so I just HAD to take some photographs and share them with you. The packaging is gorgeous too! Each soap comes in a thick separate box that has the soap wrapped up in butter paper listing out all the beautiful ingredients. A total of 4 Silk Soaps have been launched – Clarifying Silk Soap Lakshadi, Hydrating Silk Soap Gulab Jal, Illuminating Silk Soap Soundarya and Nourishing Silk Soap Panchamrit. Each 100g soap is priced at ₹ 750.

Clarifying Silk Soap Lakshadi – The finest Lac derived from Kusum trees along with fresh and Sandalwood paste is infused in Sesame Oil which balances oil production and helps to minimise open pores. The healing properties of Multani Mitti and Kasturi Manjal clarify, refresh and protect the skin. Tea tree oil and Nagkesar treat pigmentation and evens out skin tone.

Hydrating Silk Soap Gulab Jal – Formulated with the freshest, deeply scented desi rose petals, layered with cane sugar and kept in the sun for over 60 days. The moisturizing properties of the rose, its scent and delicacy is captured in the resulting mass. This is mixed with butter, herbs, oils and fresh pastes and infused with silk.

Illuminating Silk Soap Soundarya – It contains 52 herbs including Turmeric, Fennel Seeds, Star Anise Fruit, Sandalwood, Fenugreek, Manjistha, Cinnamon, Clove, Nutmeg, Marjoram, Poppy Seeds, Camphor and Saffron which leave the complexion soft, glowing and gently polished. This also includes 24 K Gold Bhasm that is an excellent anti-oxidant and has the property of penetrating to the deepest layer of skin thereby providing radiance and increasing elasticity.

Nourishing Silk Soap Panchamrit – This unique soap contains 25% of Panch Amrit, also known as Ambrosia in the Vedas. Punch Amrit consists of pure Desi ghee whole cream milk, fresh yoghurt, raw Organic Honey and Cane sugar. It is a deeply cleansing and nourishing soap. You may be tempted to take a bite out of it (and you probably can since it’s not harmful, but I would suggest against it since using it on your skin is so much better!)

Forest Essentials is one of my favorite body-care brands because they do not use harmful chemicals like SLES, Parabens, etc and every-time they launch a new product I get wide-eyed because I MUST try it out! These SIlk Soaps are truly luxurious and very precious! You have to smell them to believe how divine they are! I’m not even the biggest fan of a rosy fragrance but the Gulab Jal Soap smells incredible! Here are some photographs I clicked to give you a closer look at the product. Enjoy!

Forest Essentials | Akanksha Redhu | mail package with note

Forest Essentials | Akanksha Redhu | second full open box step

Forest Essentials | Akanksha Redhu | all 4 on bed 1 stacked

Forest Essentials | Akanksha Redhu | pink open box with list

Forest Essentials | Akanksha Redhu | all 4 on bed focus on purple

Forest Essentials | Akanksha Redhu | blue soap box open list

Forest Essentials | Akanksha Redhu | all 4 on bed focus on blue

Forest Essentials | Akanksha Redhu | cover

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*The products were sent to me as a gift

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