Home Inspo for 2017

As you all already know by now – I’m a complete pinhead (short of Pinterest head, yes I just coined that term). I love pinning and nothing gives me more joy than looking for visual inspirations on Pinterest. You can see all my Pinterest madness here.

I decided to bring together my favorite Pinterest elements and home decor ideas together for you to kick start the new year with some fresh inspiration. Small changes can make a huge difference in the way your home looks and these do just that. Have a look:

Plants! I’m crazy about plants even though they all die under my care (don’t know how I didn’t get Mom’s green thumb! Boo) For me, the more plants the better – not only do they look amazing, fresh and clean, they also help clean up the air around you and some even end up having medicinal or edible qualitites. I’m currently crushing on having a huge banana plant right in the living room that makes it look somewhat like a tropical forest!
Home Inspo | Akanksha Redhu | banana plant

If you are not too confident of having such a huge plant you can opt for smaller potted ones with huge leaves for a similar effect. Love this idea of putting the plant on a tiny stool to add more height and character.
Home Inspo | Akanksha Redhu | big foliage on stool

A matte grey pot for green plants looks really good too.
Home Inspo | Akanksha Redhu | grey plant pot

I also love the idea of breaking your white walls with intermittent creeper plants in the room. Don’t these look cute? I love plain white walls too but this adds more interest visually.
Home Inspo | Akanksha Redhu | creepers

Copper or metallic pots are another rage. Not only are metallics in trend everywhere else like fashion and beauty but using just one metallic element like this within the green and white elements in the room looks so darn good!
Home Inspo | Akanksha Redhu | copper pot

This obviously won’t last very long but looks equally good and classy and is an ideal way to spruce up your living room if you have guests coming over – put a big leaf in water in a smooth big glass bowl. Chic and clean.
Home Inspo | Akanksha Redhu | leaf in water

If you, like me lack a green thumb, cacti are your saviours (very good looking ones might I add). Plus they help make all your flatlay shoots look so good. I had named my little cactus Bubsters but he recently died while I was away for New Year. I think it was because I left him under direct sunlight and forgot him there. Sorry Bubsters! I miss you!
Home Inspo | Akanksha Redhu | real cactus

However, if you can’t even take care of cacti, there is still hope for you. Like these cacti candles. Whaaaaa! These look so good! Imagine them lit up with low lighting in the room for an evening. Classy!
Home Inspo | Akanksha Redhu | cactus candles

I’m crazy about anything cactus right now so this wallpaper look super fine too! Love the boring black and white where the cactus gives it a completely fun feel.
Home Inspo | Akanksha Redhu | cactus wallpaper

Talking about wallpapers, polka dots give a retro, fun and smart look too. Tip – all the dots shouldn’t be the same size, have them of different sizes to add some mystery and interest.
Home Inspo | Akanksha Redhu | polka dot wallpaper

Or perhaps have watercolor paint on your wall for a mystic feel? I’m not sure whether you can DIY this successfully but you sure can try. Looks so nautical and moody!
Home Inspo | Akanksha Redhu | watercolor wall

While I know you don’t really need fireplaces in a shitty place like Delhi, I didn’t want to limit myself. Just look at this! Don’t you want to be sitting in that chair RIGHT NOW!
Home Inspo | Akanksha Redhu | fireplace

Neon signs may not give off the classiest vibes but who cares, you like it, you take it. And I love it! I probably would switch it off when I go to sleep but I’d love to have it on all during the day. Haah!
Home Inspo | Akanksha Redhu | neon sign

Another love for lights is through these fairy lights. I have seen a lot of pics like these where people clip up photographs on the trail of lights and it looks so cosy and inviting. But, since this seems a lot more personal I would limit this to just the bedroom (for your own private space)
Home Inspo | Akanksha Redhu | fairy lights with pics

Mirrors! Gotta love them. Especially if you are a blogger! Or not! Someone recently commented on one of my blog posts – ‘Some of your poses are a bit ridiculous’. I replied with a ‘Thanks!’ Mirrors will definitely help you get your poses right, if you tend to give a fuck about what other people may or may not think of them. Just saying! This mirror is bae!
Home Inspo | Akanksha Redhu | long mirror on floor

Circular mirrors are super chic too! And look at that romantic rosy vintage wallpaper. This is called bathroom perfection my friends.
Home Inspo | Akanksha Redhu | round mirror

Loved this quirky DIY for people who like to keep things interesting. Shove in mirrors into your old tennis racquets. So vintage and definitely a conversation starter if you tend to be a shy hostess lol!
Home Inspo | Akanksha Redhu | tennis mirror

I’m also really into ‘text’ written on stuff. Especially when it’s positive, fun, cozy and in cursive. On pillows, cushions, doormats, mugs and whatever else you can find. These cushions really do put a smile on your face.
Home Inspo | Akanksha Redhu | here comes the sun

And this welcome mat truly is welcoming.
Home Inspo | Akanksha Redhu | come in cozy up

I am aware that being in Delhi, something like this, more than being unfeasible is probably stupid because hey, you live in India, we have dust and pollution here but I still couldn’t help myself. I think we all have a boho-hippie-goddess somewhere inside us who wants to hang her pretty dresses from a rustic tree branch like this in the middle of her room. No?
Home Inspo | Akanksha Redhu | wardrobe on branch

You gotta have bathtub, I mean…ofcourse!
Home Inspo | Akanksha Redhu | bathtub

Another way to include metallic in your room – a rustic bronze cupboard or cabinet like this. But remember, just one. More than that and you’ll look too desperate.
Home Inspo | Akanksha Redhu | golden cupboard

All images have been taken from Pinterest. To get to their original source please click on the images in Pinterest. You will find all these and many more on my ‘Lifestyle’ Board.

Which one of these is your favorite that you would love to adopt for your home? I’d love to know!

And if you haven’t caught the Pinterest bug yet, OMG what are you waiting for! You just need to visit once to get hooked in my opinion.

Hope you had fun with the post! Man I really wrote in this one.
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