This past month, I have visited the Wills Lifestyle store in South-Ex and Saket quite a few times to discover their latest product offering and it’s been great because every time I visited, I found new and exciting styles that are not only versatile but also very stylish and on-point. I picked out looks for so many different occasions and needs and today I’m sharing them all with you in one place. You truly can #BuyTheWillsLifestyle and be stylish and ready for any time of the day.

The slickest black jacket of the season and what better way to style it than with an all-black outfit! I wore this crisp, edgy and sharp look for a work meeting (because I’m lucky enough to not have to stick to a completely formal attire for work stuff, yay!) and I think it’s such a ‘I-mean-business’ look, Don’t you?

#BuyTheWillsLifestyle | Akanksha Redhu | formal standing

#BuyTheWillsLifestyle | Akanksha Redhu | formal sitting

It was then time for me to pack for Magnetic Fields Music Festival in Alsisar, Rajasthan and I picked out this easy dress + trench look. The folksy print of the dress somehow looked so in-tune with the whole music festival vibe in Rajasthan and it was very well balanced by the cool blue trench coat which was an absolute necessity once the sun went down – the desert cold is harsh! I added a slight chic quotient with the silk scarf just to make the outfit a bit more playful.

#BuyTheWillsLifestyle | Akanksha Redhu | alsisar dress

#BuyTheWillsLifestyle | Akanksha Redhu | alsisar full front

After that, it was time to pick out the perfect Christmas outfit and this maroon lace dress was a no-brainer. I knew this was THE dress the moment I laid eyes on it at the Select Citywalk Store. And it looks so damn good against all the Christmas decorations and lights on the tree. Perfectly finished the look with a deep red lipstick and I couldn’t be more ready for the Christmas party!

#BuyTheWillsLifestyle | Akanksha Redhu | christmas dress

#BuyTheWillsLifestyle | Akanksha Redhu | christmas closeup

I always tend to dress extremely comfy for the airport and am always bordering on shabby because of that. But when I put this look together for my next travel, I couldn’t believe that it would be so easy to look so stylish while travelling! The long red cardigan is an answer to my prayers because it’s so cosy, keeps the legs warm too AND shows off my curves. The plaid scarf has the perfectly balancing colors to it and I can use it as an extra wrap around my shoulders incase it gets too cold in the airplane.

#BuyTheWillsLifestyle | Akanksha Redhu | travel 1

#BuyTheWillsLifestyle | Akanksha Redhu | travel 2

If you have lived through as many Delhi winters as I have, you learn to appreciate the crisp sunny days during the peak cold and try to make as much of them as possible. So spending days in the park doing literally nothing but feeling the sun, reading a book or just lazying with your human snuggle supplier becomes routine during peak winters. And for one of those days I picked out this comfy and warm look for myself. The stretchy jeans are easy to sit and play around in, the over-sized shirt-dress is perfect if the sun is too crisp and you want to pretend that it’s summer for a while in the park. And the aztec printed jacket is so so warm! The print is intriguing and adds a lot of character to the look as well I think.

#BuyTheWillsLifestyle | Akanksha Redhu | park standing

#BuyTheWillsLifestyle | Akanksha Redhu | park sitting

#BuyTheWillsLifestyle | Akanksha Redhu | park sitting closer

Hope you enjoyed all the looks!
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All outfits: Wills Lifestyle
Photographs courtesy Aman Godara & Naina

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