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Ladies! I have said it before, I’ll say it again – embrace your curves, love your body and most importantly – get the right bra size for yourself. Because there’s nothing worse than keeping your puppies in an ill-fitting bra all day long. And also, I have found the cage bra of all our dreams! From Zivame, it’s like the T1000 of caged bras, fits like a dream and somehow makes you feel in so much control! This bra is the big-daddy of them all – you can wear it as is to a music festival (there are plenty of those coming up in Jan/Feb in India), wear it under a very sheer top if you enjoy pretending to have a split personality, wear it under a muscle tee with those really deep arm-holes and please please – wear it for yourself before you wear it for anyone else. You’ll know what I mean once you actually wear it. This bra has got so much sex in it I can’t really express it in words. Just go and get one for yourself. I’m wearing a 34-B and it fits me perfectly.

You can thank me later.

Zivame | Akanksha Redhu | full side front arm up underarm

Zivame | Akanksha Redhu | front torso looking side hands on jacket

Zivame | Akanksha Redhu | longest closeup

Zivame | Akanksha Redhu | half front off shoulder looking side

Zivame | Akanksha Redhu | full side hair fly

Zivame | Akanksha Redhu | front half looking side hand on navel

Zivame | Akanksha Redhu | rings

Zivame | Akanksha Redhu | full front legs together

Zivame | Akanksha Redhu | necklace bra closeup

Zivame | Akanksha Redhu | half side both arms up

Zivame | Akanksha Redhu | half side all denim

Zivame | Akanksha Redhu | half side hand in hair

Hope you enjoyed all the looks!
{ Outfit Details }
Gentle Push-up Cage Bra: Zivame
Denim jacket + Shorts + Boots: Forever 21
Watch: Cuore by Salvatore Ferragamo
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban
Silver rings: Vintage
Necklace: eBay
Location courtesy JW Marriott, Aerocity, New Delhi
Photographs courtesy Aman Godara

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