Magnetic Fields Festival 2016 with Jameson

When Jameson India got in touch with me and invited me to be a part of a big fun group pf people heading to Magnetic Fields Festival held in Alsisar, Rajasthan, being held for the 3rd time, I jumped at the opportunity because I had never been and had been thinking of going anyway. So Jameson got a bus full of very interesting people together and drove us down for 3 days of non-stop desert-amaze!

There were rivers of alcohol flowing, some really good food and set after set after set of music being played at the Alsisar Mahal and some near our Bedouin tents in the desert. It was a different, unique and great experience, living in tents (I brought so much of the Rajasthan sand back with me!), being up all night (or in my case – trying to do so), and just receiving all the positive vibes from literally everyone who was attending this year’s festival. Because it’s in the middle of nowhere, everyone automatically becomes a part of the community and you feel like family even if you haven’t spoken to the person standing next to you…yet.

I’m sharing a few pics of our time there (more will come in a separate post). Enjoy!

We got together and started in the bus from The Crowne Plaza Hotel, Gurgaon.

There was a pit stop for lunch where Jameson had arranged for an amazing set-up right in the middle of nowhere on a clear patch of land surrounded by fields. The Gourmet Sreet Kitchen & Artisan Meats got together to provide us with a fantastic array of dishes and there was also a Jameson bar setup (obviously!)
food truck salad combo

jameson on the road

Our Bedouin Tents outside the Alsisar Mahal in the desert.
Magnetic Fields Festival 2016 with Jameson | Akanksha Redhu | tants long

mahal tent combo

At the main Jameson bar right at the Alsisar Mahal entry
half front with glass

Magnetic Fields Festival 2016 with Jameson | Akanksha Redhu | Jameson bar sign

In and around the Alsisar Mahal
Magnetic Fields Festival 2016 with Jameson | Akanksha Redhu | boat

From top left clockwise: Charan, Aman, Magandeep, Karina, Naina, Bharat all waiting for lunch.
Magnetic Fields Festival 2016 with Jameson | Akanksha Redhu | gang

The Jameson Irish Coffee Cart was so cute, I wanted to take it back home with me.
half front with cart

full front mahal

mahal blue sky


holding glass in focus

jameson brick wall

We also had a proper whiskey tasting session at the Mahal with Jameson and everybody was smashed by the end of it.
whiskey tasting

tent sunset night set combo

pairs at tents combo

mahal clouds

Hope you enjoyed the post!

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