3 Quick & Easy Hairstyles for Short Hair

I recently got my hair cut just before fashion week because I was bored with my long hair and also because they were just too much (volume-wise) for me to handle. And, I don’t know about you but I always take some time to adjust to any new haircut and to really start liking it. I always try out different looks, accessories and styles to see what can be done with my new haircut to make it more fun. And part of the ritual is to always try out different types of hairstyles that I can do by myself. It’s easy to just go to a salon and get whatever hairstyle you want but real life is not so easy. You have to be very familiar with your hair, know what products work best and the quickest possible way to come up with cute hairstyles that make you look effortlessly ‘cool’
BBLUNT | Akanksha Redhu | sitting main

This blog post is all about my 3 go-to hairstyles that are super easy, quick and deceivingly look like a lot of effort and time has been put into them. I try to keep the list of hair products as small as possible and all I really need and love using currently on my hair are 2 products:
BBLUNT | Akanksha Redhu | sitting pouting holding both

1) BBLUNT Climate Control Anti-Frizz Leave-in Cream
I love that it has a SPF factor. And this leave in cream is really effective in taming my hair especially during the winter months (my thin hair strands tend to have a life of their own sometimes). It’s important to apply this on damp hair and because of that you just need a coin size amount that gets spread very easily throughout the damp hair. Only to be applied on the ends, please leave your roots free to breathe.
I also find that this products delays the greasy, non-shampooed look that my hair get if I don’t wash them for 2 days. It gives my hair a natural flow and smoothness.
BBLUNT | Akanksha Redhu | cc in lap and in hand

2) BBLUNT Spotlight Hair Polish
Not to be confused with a hairspray, this is actually a spray on hair serum so you never get that sticky hairspray feel on your hair. This is simply just a finishing product that literally deposits shine on your hair. I spray this on after I have achieved my hairstyle as the absolute last step. If you are spraying it on open hair, make sure they are completely dry to get the best shine out of this product and on the mid sections and ends again. Always remember to shake the bottle really well before use (It’s amazing how many people simply skip this step to save on time. SERIOUSLY!)
BBLUNT | Akanksha Redhu | sitting open cap of spray

BBLUNT | Akanksha Redhu | spray and hair

Sometimes all you need is a cute hairband to look proper but if you want to go a step further, just a little bit more effort needs to go in and you can have some pretty sweet hairstyles. The only accessories I use for my looks here are rubber bands and bobby pins. Although the original rubber ‘rubber bands’ offer a much harder and specific grip and take up less space in the hair, I don’t like the way they break and tear the hair when being taken off. Which is why I go for something slightly gentler.
BBLUNT | Akanksha Redhu | cc flatlay flash

Now onto my 3 quick, easy, at-home hairstyles. All step by step images are there so it’s very self explanatory. Hope you enjoy these!

Hairstyle I
First things first, I run 2 pumps of BBLUNT Climate Control Anti-Frizz Leave-In Cream into the mid-ends of my damp hair. This cream will keep my hair proper all day.
BBLUNT | Akanksha Redhu | face putting cc in hand

BBLUNT | Akanksha Redhu | damp hair and nails

BBLUNT | Akanksha Redhu | cc and wet hair

BBLUNT | Akanksha Redhu | spreading through hair ends

Now I’ll take a section of my hair from the right side, pull it to the back very gently twisting it. I’ll keep pinning the twists as I go to secure it. I’ll keep twisting and pinning the section til I reach the left side of my head.
BBLUNT | Akanksha Redhu | 1a

BBLUNT | Akanksha Redhu | 1b

Now I’ll collect the remaining section of the hair from the left side, twist it and tie it together with the rest of the hair using a hair-tie, as shown in the pictures.
BBLUNT | Akanksha Redhu | 1c

Finally, I finish the look by spraying BBLUNT Spotlight Hair Polish For Instant Shine.
BBLUNT | Akanksha Redhu | 1d

BBLUNT | Akanksha Redhu | 1e

Hairstyle 2
I start by gathering the front and crown part of my hair and tying it to the back of the head using a hair-tie.
BBLUNT | Akanksha Redhu | 2a

I start poking my finger through the ponytail to create a “pocket” of space like shown in the image.
BBLUNT | Akanksha Redhu | 2b

Keeping the “pocket” open with the help of your hand, I flip the ponytail up and through the loop created in the pony. We’ve now created our first topsy tail. We are now going to create one more! For the 2 nd topsy tail, I gather the side section of the hair from both sides. Pull them together at the back of the head right below or first topsy tail and secure with a hair-tie. Repeat the flipping through the loop.
BBLUNT | Akanksha Redhu | 2c

Now I gather all the hair that remains and tie in a low ponytail.
BBLUNT | Akanksha Redhu | 2d

BBLUNT | Akanksha Redhu | 2e

Hairstyle 3
Here’s another hairstyle I created using the same concept of a topsy tail. For this one, I pull all of my hair back together in a low, lose ponytail. Then I flip it through the loop to create a nice twisted crown right above both my ears.
BBLUNT | Akanksha Redhu | 3a

I don’t stop here. I’ll keep flipping the pony through the loop to make the crown very twisty as in the image.
BBLUNT | Akanksha Redhu | 3b

Finally I take the tail of the pony and pin it inside the twists to create a nice chignon.
BBLUNT | Akanksha Redhu | 3c
Look at how easy this was. My hair has retained the shine, texture and manageability throughout the three hairstyles thanks to the BBLUNT products.

Hair Products: BBLUNT
Top: Ether
Location Courtesy: JW Marriott, Aerocity, New Delhi
Photographs courtesy Aman Godara

Hope you enjoyed the post! Let me know which one of the 3 hairstyles was your favorite!
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