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I’ve always been a cooky kid. A total nerd and introvert and even a tomboy, but I wanted to be things like Miss Universe for my fancy dress competition having no idea that when I actually went up on stage to say a few words I would complete freeze up like a popsicle. Oh the embarrassment! Thankfully I was super tiny and got over it pretty quick. But I have always struggled with my personality as a kid – I was a tomboy but also loved the idea of makeup but knew that I couldn’t show it coz that would totally not make me a tomboy. Those were confusing times for me! Lol!
#BornFromColor | Estée Lauder | Akanksha Redhu | in pocket mirror

Yep that’s me!
#BornFromColor | Estée Lauder | Akanksha Redhu | miss universe pic

I do remember one incident quite distinctly though – It’s when my parents had to go out one evening for a party (Dad is a retired Army Officer so there were a lot of those when he was in service). I have no clue where Naina was (when you’re younger, the age gap of 7 years seems like a lifetime, thankfully not now when we’re older). So, I decided to try out makeup for the first time ever. I had always seen my mom dress up so elegantly, never over the top, just the basic essentials to look absolutely beautiful, but obviously, since I was so excited, I wanted to try on everything she had! Especially that bright red lipstick that stood like it had a spotlight on it.
#BornFromColor | Estée Lauder | Akanksha Redhu | lipstick on lips

I got caught that evening – literally red handed, because even my hands had some of the red lipstick on them, let’s not even talk about my face. It was all over. I was trying to create bigger lips you know. But then, to my surprise, my mom didn’t scold me or punish me or even seem irritated – mind you her red lipstick was in a pretty shabby state post my makeup session. She just smiled, told me I look so pretty and said that it was time to remove the make up since it was past my bed-time. Ummm…what?! She ofcourse told me to keep my hands to myself while she removed my clown makeup, she wanted them to be miles away from her pearly white silk saree which to date I have no clue how she tied coz it was so slippery!

I think that incident really stuck on with me. On getting caught I thought I was certainly doomed but quite the contrary happened and I was aghast. I now realise that my mom was trying to make me realize that it’s okay to try new things, experiment and even draw outside the lines (literally, like outside the lip lines). And I think that one evening helped shape so much of who I am today – totally okay with my personality and all of it’s kinks included with no desperate need to define myself. I’m open to trying new things, experiment with ideas and even new makeup & looks and go for things that are not necessarily considered common path. In a way it helped me to be where I am today – not an engineer (I was a science student till the very end and I loved Physics!) but a blogger. And I started when maybe only a handful of people in India truly understood what a blog even is.
That’s me too!
#BornFromColor | Estée Lauder | Akanksha Redhu | bubblegum pic

So I’m just glad that I decided to paint my face with the red lipstick that night. Makeup can truly transform you! Who knows what boring office I would be sitting in right now drawing lines always waiting for my life to be exciting and crazy otherwise (Yeah I have no clue what it is that engineers do in their offices or at work)
#BornFromColor | Estée Lauder | Akanksha Redhu | face side nail on lip

I know there is quite a bit of text in this post but I have utterly loved sharing this memory from my personal life with you as part of the #BornFromColor campaign by Estée Lauder that celebrates the fact that every woman can be beautiful. Share your own makeup memories, pics, why you love makeup, what it does for you and be a part of the #BornFromColor movement with Estée Lauder. Upload your pics on the Memory Pinboard to be featured and you can even win some Estée Lauder goodies

#BornFromColor | Estée Lauder | Akanksha Redhu | sitting holding flyer

#BornFromColor | Estée Lauder | Akanksha Redhu | flatlay with goody bag

#BornFromColor | Estée Lauder | Akanksha Redhu | taking out lip gloss

#BornFromColor | Estée Lauder | Akanksha Redhu | full front leg on bed

#BornFromColor | Estée Lauder | Akanksha Redhu | sitting with goody bag

#BornFromColor | Estée Lauder | Akanksha Redhu | flatlay with all pics

#BornFromColor | Estée Lauder | Akanksha Redhu | applying eyeshadow

#BornFromColor | Estée Lauder | Akanksha Redhu | lipstick on bed long

#BornFromColor | Estée Lauder | Akanksha Redhu | full front window

#BornFromColor | Estée Lauder | Akanksha Redhu | applying lip gloss in mirror

#BornFromColor | Estée Lauder | Akanksha Redhu | lipstick flower wide

#BornFromColor | Estée Lauder | Akanksha Redhu | pout blur lipstick focus

#BornFromColor | Estée Lauder | Akanksha Redhu | eyeshadow box open single

#BornFromColor | Estée Lauder | Akanksha Redhu | lipstick eyeshadow wide

{ Outfit Details }
All Beauty Products Shown: Estée Lauder
Earrings that I’m wearing: Dior
Dress: Forever 21
Location Courtesy: Pullman Hotel, New Delhi
Photographs of me courtesy Aman Godara

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