A Day At Fashion Week with Coolpad

Now that the Amazon India Fashion Week Spring Summer 2017 is over and you have seen my outfits for all 5 days with Amazon as my official Fashion Partner, I would love to take you through a typical day for me at fashion week as a blogger/influencer and what is it that I mostly am doing with my time there. All along my two most important accessories are my camera and my smartphone and this time I have partnered with Coolpad India to get me through #AIFWSS17 with their new smartphone – Coolpad Note 5. So here goes.

Coolpad India | Akanksha Redhu | selfie with aifw branding back

Coolpad India | Akanksha Redhu | with media badge

Coolpad India | Akanksha Redhu | aifw at day

I usually arrive during late afternoon when there are fewer people and the day is still a bit sluggish. This gives me time and space to do do my ourtit shoot which I share with you daily throughout Fashion Week. A different look each day.

Coolpad India | Akanksha Redhu | getting shot

Sometimes you end up making a new friend during the shoot too.

Coolpad India | Akanksha Redhu | dog walk

By the time I’m done with my shoot the pace for the day has picked up. There are lot more people and the general buzz and energy levels of the venue have gone up. Since fashion week is such a hotspot for the fashion & textile industry related professionals, I am always running into friends, acquaintances, clients and PR professionals and it’s almost a mandate to take a selfie after you have said hello. It’s kinda like the new handshake but somehow not as polished as a handshake. But you still gotta do it.

Saying hello to Rasna Bhasin – influencer and at Bazaar Bride

Coolpad India | Akanksha Redhu | with rasna

The selfie from the Coolpad Note 5

Coolpad India | Akanksha Redhu | rasna selfie

Saying hello to Pranav & Shyma – the designers at Huemn

Coolpad India | Akanksha Redhu | with pranav shyma

The selfie from the Coolpad Note 5

Coolpad India | Akanksha Redhu | huemn selfie

Then I usually attend a few runway shows from the day. Here I’m seated for the Mandira Wirk show and well it’s time to take another selfie. It’s quite dark inside the show area so having a led flash for your selfie camera inbuilt in the smartphone itself is GODSENT! You can adjust the distance of the camera from your face to decide how strong you want the flash light to be because it’s continuously on like a torch (it doesn’t just go off when the pic is being clicked) – another plus.

Coolpad India | Akanksha Redhu | seated inside show area

After the show, I head over to Mandira Wirk’s stall at the venue to get a closer look at her collection. It’s always a good idea to get a touch & feel of the collection, see the details and embellishments and truly get a chance to appreciate all the work that has gone in.

Coolpad India | Akanksha Redhu | at stall

If you manage to find time, you grab a bite, reply to some emails (thank you for the open WiFi this time!) and make a few important phone calls.

Coolpad India | Akanksha Redhu | talking on the phone

While you’re walking around, you almost always get stopped by someone who either wants to take a pic of your outfit or a detail of your outfit, or a quick byte on some designer’s collection, or a boomerang video or a full on interview.

Coolpad India | Akanksha Redhu | getting interviewed

And because I end up being in front of the camera a lot, I make it a point to check if my make is point, needs any retouching or not. Nothing major but mainly either retouching my lipstick or blotting the extra oil off the skin. The selfie camera (without the beautification filter) on the Notepad 5 acts as my mirror wherever I go. No need to make a trip to the washrooms just to get access to a mirror.

Coolpad India | Akanksha Redhu | applying lipstick

Et voila! Perfect Red Lips.

Coolpad India | Akanksha Redhu | red lips

Before you know it the sun has disappeared, it’s dark and the lights have come on everywhere making everything look so much more magical and festive! They had installed this huge AIFW bulb sign right at the entry to the venue and it instantly became one of the most clicked objects during the #AIFWSS17 this time. And it looks so much better at night with the lights on! Had to get a selfie with it too!

Coolpad India | Akanksha Redhu | taking flash selfie at night

Coolpad India | Akanksha Redhu | full front flash

A few shows more perhaps and it’s time to call it a day. In the past I used to do a lot more during fashion week – pre-show parties, after parties and a lot more shows! And can’t quite comprehend where I managed to create that kind of energy and willpower. But now it’s a lot more about work for me. So once I know I have my content for the day, It’s time for me to head back home, start editing photographs, content, drafting blog posts. reshare social media posts in which I have been featured and also have dinner (most important). It sounds a bit non-glamorous and maybe it even is, but it’s real, it’s work, it’s fun and it makes me money! Not to mention, it allows to get my beauty sleep 😉
So cheers to everyone who is a part of the fashion industry! And see you next season!

Coolpad India | Akanksha Redhu | general area wide

A big thank you to Coolpad for letting me experience the Notepad 5 during the Fashion Week and really put it to test. It’s most impressive because after ALL of this above and more, the device has enough juice left right till the time I go to sleep after wrapping up everything for the day. Which means I did not have to carry a powerbank on a single day of fashion week and those things can sometimes get too big or heavy for the tiny bags I have picked out for my looks.

Coolpad India | Akanksha Redhu | taking out of bag

Discover the Coolpad Note 5 HERE
Photograph of me courtesy Aman Godara

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