Day 01 | #AIFWSS17 | India Modern Festive

It’s been so difficult for me to keep this to myself but I can FINALLY break the news – Amazon Fashion is the Official Fashion Partner for for #AIFWSS17 and I’m so so excited about it! I am collaborating with Amazon and curating 5 looks that I will be wearing everyday to the Amazon India Fashion Week SS17. Real looks that anybody and everybody can shop instantly and wear themselves.

Picking out 5 looks was a daunting task since the variety of Fashion available on Amazon almost seems endless, so I have done it for you – 5 wearable looks that will work for you every time and are ‘fashion-week-worthy’. Amazon Fashion has more than 15,000 brands (including 6,000 top fashion brands) and over two million fashion products! I will be sharing my outfits everyday during fashion week on the blog and links to all the products I’m wearing that day will be there at the end of the blog post to make shopping them super easy. Hope you enjoy my looks that will be coming up for the next 4 days.

Now onto my outfit for Day 01 that I wore today. Since Amazon Fashion is all about #IndiaModernFestive this season I decided to start with a bang and follow that style. I picked out an outfit that at first glance looks very ‘Indian’ because of the embellishments and hand-embroidery and can be worn as both a kurta and even a dress by itself (which is what I went for). The festive season is all about bling and shine which there is plenty of in my outfit but it still isn’t OTT (over the top). I keep the sparkle of the look alive with an evening clutch and a classic watch. And finish off the look with sneakers (not only because wearing sneakers with dresses is currently acceptable but also because I like to be able feel my feet as a part of my body at the end of the day). It’s all about comfort for me. My favorite part of the look is ofcourse the gold jhumkis that go so well with the entire outfit. All product links at the bottom.

#AIFWSS17 | Akanksha Redhu | half front bag blurred in front

#AIFWSS17 | Akanksha Redhu | full front

#AIFWSS17 | Akanksha Redhu | side watch bag pocket

#AIFWSS17 | Akanksha Redhu | blue area

#AIFWSS17 | Akanksha Redhu | half front arm up

#AIFWSS17 | Akanksha Redhu | jhumki hair cut

#AIFWSS17 | Akanksha Redhu | lips embroidery

#AIFWSS17 | Akanksha Redhu | full side

#AIFWSS17 | Akanksha Redhu | jhumki watch

#AIFWSS17 | Akanksha Redhu | half side

#AIFWSS17 | Akanksha Redhu | bag focus

#AIFWSS17 | Akanksha Redhu | half front face front

#AIFWSS17 | Akanksha Redhu | shoes

#AIFWSS17 | Akanksha Redhu | hakf front arms on waist

#AIFWSS17 | Akanksha Redhu | amazon branding

#AIFWSS17 | Akanksha Redhu | half side hair on one side

Hope you enjoyed the post!
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