How To Survive Fashion Week

For people belonging to/working in the fashion & textile industry, fashion week is one of THE most major events of the year (twice, four times, maybe more – depending on which ones are your priority). The Amazon India Fashion Week Spring Summer ’17 is taking place from October 12th to 16th and the consecutive 5 days of back to back runway shows that never start on time, travelling to the venue and back everyday, attending after-parties, visiting designer stalls, clicking photographs, getting clicked, networking, meeting people, selling yourself or your art and perhaps managing to grab a bite somewhere in the middle, can be nothing less than a harrowing ordeal – however essential and glamorous we may project it to be. And it is of the utmost importance to be prepared for it before hand. It always helps to mark out the shows that you want to attend thanks to the schedule that gets announced and chalk out an itinerary for yourself if you’re going to be a part of the action and want to look alive while doing it. I always start out with spectacular energy when the schedule gets announced, going full steam with excitement and by the second day of fashion week I’m always mentally whispering to myself “I’m so done”. Ofcourse I still go on and power through all days making it look fabulous on my instagram account. And while I don’t want to outright whine about the fashion week (it is ofcourse one of the best ways for me to network, collaborate with brands and put myself out there and I feel extremely great that I get to be a part of it), there are a few things I always make sure I’m carrying with me during this time. I am sharing my ‘Fashion Week’ essentials that I will be carrying on me all 5 days of the Amazon India Fashion Week. Here’s a look:

How To Survive Fashion Week | Akanksha Redhu | main with numbers

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1) Business Cards
These are well, essentials wherever you go but because fashion week is such a concentrated gathering of individuals from the same industry, you really must have a bunch of business cards on you.
2) Mini Perfume Bottle – Chanel
Or a deo, whatever your preference maybe. I carry my absolute favorite Chanel Jersey, that’s tiny enough to fit into a small handbag and powerful enough that you need to use just a little bit at a time. Offering perfume to others is considered rude but I always dream of an ideal world where it wouldn’t be so.
3) Sunglasses – Dior
You don’t want to be making eye-contact with your cab driver by accident while wearing an outfit that he most certainly thinks is absolutely ridiculous and these are great to hide those bags and circles that creep up on the 3rd day of fashion week.
4) Hand Balm/Lotion – Blue Stone Botanicals from Bali
I’m not sure why but my palms always dry up during the pre-winter months and I find it very comforting to know that I have something to soothe them in my bag (even if I don’t end up using it). It’s so small so wastage of space is not an issue here.
5) Mint – Altoids
Now here is something that you CAN offer to others and not seem too much of a bitch. Sugar-free is ideal.
6) A powerful smartphone – Coolpad Note 5
With two of the most important essentials – a good camera and a really good battery life. It’s got upto 20 hours of talk-time battery! And it has a led flash for the selfie camera. Basically your John McClane of smartphones. If you don’t know who that is please educate yourself – Google that shit. I’ll also be showing you how easy the Note 5 makes life during fashion week in a blog post later on – it’ll have an exciting peek into my day at AIFW. Stay tuned! Discover the Coolpad Note 5 HERE
7) Healthy Snack – Almonds
These are the easiest to find (almost all households have them readily available), pack a great energy and nutrition source, are sugar free and just you dream non-processed bite of good health. Peanuts are good too but they sometimes get crushed and leave a mess in my bag so I prefer almonds. Didn’t find time to get lunch at fashion week, just munch on these while waiting in line for the next show to start or even seated inside the show area.
8) Red Lipstick – Estée Lauder in Decisive Poppy
Now I was tempted to also put in my tiny tube of Stila concealer and my Bobbi Brown foundation Pencil here because they are super compact, easy to carry and essentials too and I usually do carry them around but honestly they always just stay in the bag and I never end up actually using them. I do my makeup just once everyday in the morning and do not have the time or desire to touch up anything except for my lipstick if I’ve eaten a meal in between. It’s not like you’re rubbing faces with anyone out there (it’s just non touchy cheek air kisses, sometimes on both cheeks, I let the other person decide)
9) Watch – Omega Watches
I am aware that the smartphone tells time too but I am a watch person so I am always wearing one, except when I’m sleeping. A classic one like this goes with just about any outfit and it’s nice to look at your wrist rather than the smartphone that you are anyways glued to otherwise, when someone asks you for the time.
10) Handbag – Dior
Small/big/clutch, this is ofcourse a personal prefrence and I tend to change my bags everyday during fashion week, because well, I’m a blogger and that’s what I do. But yes, it HAS to be a bag that can fit all the items above – anything smaller and it won’t make the cut for me.

How To Survive Fashion Week | Akanksha Redhu | all bag standing

How To Survive Fashion Week | Akanksha Redhu | bag

How To Survive Fashion Week | Akanksha Redhu | phone back straight

How To Survive Fashion Week | Akanksha Redhu | benetton look

How To Survive Fashion Week | Akanksha Redhu | all with coolpad on screen

Hope you enjoyed the post. Stay tuned as there is a lot of stuff that’s gonna be coming out on the blog real soon!
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