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I am happy to share that this year the British Council has commissioned a series of films using Shakespeare’s works as inspiration as part of Shakespeare Lives 2016; an unprecedented global programme celebrating William Shakespeare’s work and his influence on culture, education and society on the 400th anniversary of his death.

Shakespeare Lives | British Council | Akanksha Redhu

They have recently released their sixth short film ‘Come To Me’, which is a blues song that takes inspiration from the songs found in As You Like It, and explores the lifecycle of a romantic relationship reflected in the changing seasons. Director Prasanna Puwanarajah, and musician Anjana Vasan, who is currently playing the role of Hermia in A Midsummer Night’s Dream at The Globe in London, present a musical triptych, which takes the audience on an emotional journey charting the beginning of a relationship in spring time through to its disintegration post winter. It begins with a pleasant and lovely note of fresh love and leans towards a haunting end. You must give it a listen. Watch below:

The British Council is working with partners including the GREAT Britain campaign and a host of theatres, institutions, educators and artists, to present a global programme of activity that will showcase the best of contemporary Britain to the world.

The entire playlist of #ShakespeareLives 2016 can be found on Youtube HERE.

Shakespeare Lives | British Council | Akanksha Redhu | face straight

Shakespeare Lives | British Council | Akanksha Redhu | holding hair

Shakespeare Lives | British Council | Akanksha Redhu | head rested on guitar

Shakespeare Lives | British Council | Akanksha Redhu | looking out the window

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