There’s another new shopping website in town called KAARYAH and this one pays attention to work-wear for women. Hallelujah! And when I say work-wear I don’t just mean trousers and shirts but a whole new world of silhouettes, shapes, variety, colors and sizes. Ladies! It doesn’t have to be so boring anymore! In-fact their usp happens to be the variety of sizes that they offer for the best possible fit – 18 different sizes to be precise. Happy days are here! At first glance the sizing may seem a bit complicated but it’s literally just 2 minutes of understanding the chart.

Work-wear can mean VERY different things to different people and you can’t really box it in with a specific definition any more. Which is why I decided to give a little spin to my idea of work-wear. If you look at the pieces of clothing separately it sounds exactly formal – a shirt with a bow + trousers + long jacket. But when you place them all together it gives you quite a different look. Totally digging the vibe of this outfit I picked out from KAARYAH. I’d love to know what you think of the outfit and whether you would wear something like this to work?

Kaaryah | Akanksha Redhu | full front fly

Kaaryah | Akanksha Redhu | half front hands on jacket

Kaaryah | Akanksha Redhu | bow

Kaaryah | Akanksha Redhu | full back

Kaaryah | Akanksha Redhu | half side shape

Kaaryah | Akanksha Redhu | half front watch

Kaaryah | Akanksha Redhu | full front looking sideways

Kaaryah | Akanksha Redhu | half front

Kaaryah | Akanksha Redhu | face and bow

{ Outfit Details }
Top + Trousers + Jacket: KAARYAH
Shoes: H&M
Wristwatch: Rado
Photographs courtesy Aman Godara

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