Union Square & Flatiron Building – NYC

Another day of walking around in New York City, Naina & I found ourselves crossing the Flatiron Building and Union Square. At this point we were living in the farthest corner of New York – Canarsie (many people haven’t even heard of it) but it was quite an experience. We were meeting up with a friend who took us to some well known joints like Eataly, Max Brenner, etc. You will find all that in this blog post. Union Square is a heavily populated and very popular area in Manhattan, especially for tourists. It also has a statue of Mahatma Gandhi in it which was erected in 1986. We found a group of ‘Hare Krishnas’ (read= wannabe Hindus, whatever that may be) chanting Hindi songs, probably high. Union Square is also the area near where New York’s very first medical marijuana dispensary has recently opened up. The Flatiron Building which was originally called the Fuller Building was completed in 1902 and is a triangular, 22 storey, steel-framed iconic building in NYC.

Here are pics I clicked while walking around the areas.

The Flatiron Building. From Madison Square Park.
#RedhuxNYC | flatiron long from ground

#RedhuxNYC | madison square park
Inside the park.
#RedhuxNYC | chipmunk

#RedhuxNYC | flatiron

#RedhuxNYC | crossing yellow cab

Across the road is Eataly. It’s huge and it’s crowded and it’s amazing!

#RedhuxNYC | clock

#RedhuxNYC | eataly exterior

#RedhuxNYC | eataly long inside crowd

#RedhuxNYC | limonata

#RedhuxNYC | dish 1

#RedhuxNYC | namaste beer

#RedhuxNYC | beer glass

#RedhuxNYC | dish2

#RedhuxNYC |  3 fish

After leaving Eataly, walking towards Max Brenner for which you have to cross Union Square.
#RedhuxNYC | crossing black car

#RedhuxNYC | red light

#RedhuxNYC | clocktower building

#RedhuxNYC | usa flag

#RedhuxNYC | fire escape

#RedhuxNYC | coffee bar

#RedhuxNYC | twin buildings

#RedhuxNYC | empire state building

This is one view you have when you are standing at Union Square.
#RedhuxNYC | union square skyline

And finally inside Max Brenner. A word of caution: if you don’t enjoy chocolate, this is probably not the best place for you to be.
#RedhuxNYC | max brenner branding

#RedhuxNYC | max brenner counter

#RedhuxNYC | max brenner mirror text

A tub of chocolate
#RedhuxNYC | max brenner long tub

This place is ALWAYS full.
#RedhuxNYC | max brenner crowds

#RedhuxNYC | max brenner wall

And suddenly back at Canarsie just in time for a pretty sunset.
#RedhuxNYC | sunset wide

#RedhuxNYC | sunset long

Hope you enjoyed the post!
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