Battery Park – New York

It’s been just over a month since I came back from New York but my 1 month there has generated so much content that sorting and putting it all together is a daunting and mammoth task. So you will see more NYC stuff popping up on the blog for quite some time in the future.

This was when were staying on Wall St. and decided to explore Battery Park which took us about 15 minutes walking. It’s a lovely park at the tip of Manhattan where suddenly all the huge skyscrapers stop and you have a green stretch that’s mostly landfill. We walked in from the side of Pier A where you also have ferries that take to towards Statue of Liberty. There is a brilliantly located restaurant there. Unfortunately the food was quite shabby so we just had a couple of beers and kept walking. Food was returned.

We found ourselves a wide stretch of green grass and sat there eating m&ms and taking in the sun. After this we walked some more and that’s how we pretty much spent our entire afternoon – people watching, drinking beer, tree gazing and sunning. You can also spot the Statue of Liberty from the park so I did a little jump when I realised what I was seeing. Hope you like the pics from the day and the outfit too!

That’s the One World Trade Center that you can see from pretty much any part of the park and is going to be visible in a lot of the pics in this post too.
Battery Park | NYC | #RedhuxNYC | wtc

Battery Park | NYC | #RedhuxNYC | half front hair fly

Battery Park | NYC | #RedhuxNYC | full front looong

Battery Park | NYC | #RedhuxNYC | tress

Battery Park | NYC | #RedhuxNYC | umbrellas

Battery Park | NYC | #RedhuxNYC | half front arm up look side

Battery Park | NYC | #RedhuxNYC | camera building

Battery Park | NYC | #RedhuxNYC | necklace wide

Battery Park | NYC | #RedhuxNYC | full side square

Battery Park | NYC | #RedhuxNYC | glass of water

Battery Park | NYC | #RedhuxNYC | half side loong

Battery Park | NYC | #RedhuxNYC | half front wide

Can you spot something in this pic???
Battery Park | NYC | #RedhuxNYC | statue

Battery Park | NYC | #RedhuxNYC | full sdie leg up

Battery Park | NYC | #RedhuxNYC | half front arm up

Battery Park | NYC | #RedhuxNYC | cyclist

Battery Park | NYC | #RedhuxNYC | half side arm on waist

Battery Park | NYC | #RedhuxNYC | full front arm up

Battery Park | NYC | #RedhuxNYC | food

Battery Park | NYC | #RedhuxNYC | full side long

{ Outfit Details }
Top: Zara
Bag: Cirare
Skirt + Shoes: Forever21
Sunglasses: RayBan
Necklace: Ae-tee
Photographs of me courtesy Naina [Edited by me]

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