Day 03 | Anamika Khanna | #AIFWSS16

Yesterday turned out to be a very hectic but super pumped-up day. And the highlight of the day was the Anamika Khanna show sponsored by Spaces – Home & Beyond. This was Anamika’s very first RTW show and everybody had been eagerly waiting for it.
Anamika Khanna | #AIFWSS16 | #findyourspace | look1

From Day01 of #AIFWSS16, I had been exploring the different kiosks set up by Spaces – Home & Beyond at he venue and their super comfortable lounge as well. There was actually a time where I went and relaxed for a bit on the bed in their lounge and sipped on some wine. And the most fun was their turban kiosk where you can wear a turban of theirs and click a selfie and they display it on their screen during fashion week. Hahaah! That turban suits me quite well don’t you think?!
Anamika Khanna | #AIFWSS16 | #findyourspace | on bed

Anamika Khanna | #AIFWSS16 | #findyourspace | turban

Anamika Khanna | #AIFWSS16 | #findyourspace | eyeshadow

Anamika Khanna | #AIFWSS16 | #findyourspace | mirror

Parineeti Chopra had also visited the Spaces – Home & Beyond lounge on Day 02 and it was nice to chat up with her for a bit.
Anamika Khanna | #AIFWSS16 | #findyourspace | parineeti chopra

I was quite excited to see the injection of sport in Anamika’s collection. Since I’m currently loving wearing sneakers with just about everything – even dresses. There were sneakers with sarees and bindis worn with caps during the show and the 2 parallel stripes that were predominant in many palazzos gave a very ‘Adidas’ vibe. It wasn’t sporty-luxe in a way that you’d want to wear it on a yatch but just sublimely easy silhouettes, wispy textures and sudden deep colors in a few pieces. And I relate quite well with RTW since these are styles that you can actually wear.

Anamika Khanna | #AIFWSS16 | #findyourspace | look2

Anamika Khanna | #AIFWSS16 | #findyourspace | look3

Anamika Khanna | #AIFWSS16 | #findyourspace | look4

Anamika Khanna | #AIFWSS16 | #findyourspace | look5

Anamika Khanna | #AIFWSS16 | #findyourspace | look11

Anamika Khanna | #AIFWSS16 | #findyourspace | look6

Anamika Khanna | #AIFWSS16 | #findyourspace | look7

Anamika Khanna | #AIFWSS16 | #findyourspace | look8

Anamika Khanna | #AIFWSS16 | #findyourspace | look9

Anamika Khanna | #AIFWSS16 | #findyourspace | look10

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Ofcourse after the show my cellphone got stolen so that was a bit f a personal tragedy! How can you have a fashion week without any drama?!

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