Airbnb in New York City – II

Living through Airbnb has opened up the world to me. It has made possible living in places where you don’t even have hotels. How exciting is that! And so suitable for business travel and even family vacations. Doesn’t matter whether you are travelling alone, how long you need to stay in a place and what the purpose of your visit is – there is bound to be an Airbnb place meant exactly for you.

I received so many queries from people on instagram asking me the details of the Airbnb apartments that Naina & I have been putting up in. You will find details of the 1st one HERE and this blog post is all about the second one that we booked through Airbnb. I would love to share a few of my personal tips that I have learnt from my Airbnb experience in New York.

–> Living in a new city through Airbnb has definitely been a more homely and real experience. With so much more warmth and genuine help from the hosts – you cannot get this kind of interaction in hotels. The hosts try their best to make your stay as comfortable as possible (ofcourse we made sure we booked listings with recognized hosts who had been given the ‘super-host’ badges) so it is a very customizable way of living as well. You get to pick out exactly the conditions and options you want and are looking for, whether it be the whole house to yourself for more privacy or sharing the property with the host if you like interaction and better tips for exploring a new place. Everything is specified and it is upto you to choose what facilities and neighborhoods you are interested in.
–> Our stay in New York was both for leisure and work and Airbnb turned out to be a great choice. We got to explore different parts of New York and for work, during New York Fashion Week, we chose exactly where we wanted to be and stayed close to where all the action was. At this point a hotel would not even have been possible since there are no hotels in that area. Also, in comparison, we would have been confined to just a room in a hotel whereas here we had a entire house to ourselves.
–> It is always a good idea to take the initiative to get in touch with a host before booking their listing to clear out the tiniest doubts you may have. Contacting the host also gives you an idea of how pro-active they are depending on how quickly they respond to your queries.
–> Another great tip is to take the time out to read most if not all the reviews a particular listing has on Airbnb. That gives you the best idea of what the actual place and host are like. I ALWAYS read ALL the reviews.
–> In a city like New York where the public transport is so widely used AND safe, if you know that you are going to be using the subway a lot, before booking a listing, make sure you know how far the closest subway station will be from the property. It can end up saving a lot of time over your entire trip. All details are marked on the map. And again, if in doubt, just ask the host how far the station really is. Sometimes, the property is not marked exactly where it is located on the map. Knowing where the closest grocery store is located will also help you out.
–> Never feel shy of asking even the tiniest questions from your would-be host, even if you feel like you are beginning to sound annoying. You are paying your hard earned money to stay in their house and have all the rights to know exactly what you want to know before deciding to spend that money. And if the host does get annoyed, well then you probably shouldn’t book their place!
–> Airbnb has a super-responsive and helpful team worldwide, so incase of any sort of problem you can always shoot them an email or call them and they try to resolve the issue in the best possible way and time as they can.
–> The world is your oyster and Airbnb is truly a great tool for exploring it, one city at a time.

I have already scouted out houses on Airbnb for my next girls-only trip!

Airbnb | New York City | #RedhuxNYC | skyscrapers on wall st
Our second apartment was located int he heart of Wall Street in NYC extremely close to the Stock Exchange! Living on Wall St was a very different experience from the Lower East Side before this. Narrower streets, mostly office-goers, very busy during the day and quite calm in the evenings, skyscrapers everywhere you look. One of the biggest advantages we had was that fashion week was starting and the subway station was literally across the street from our building. The Wall St area has a larger concentration of subway stations as compared to Ludlow St where they were scattered a bit away from each other.
Airbnb | New York City | #RedhuxNYC | wall st subway tiles

Airbnb | New York City | #RedhuxNYC | couch

Our apartment was a very cozy and well kept one. With everything in place, extra amenities and the most cushion-y bed I have ever felt! The host, Suzanne had a very neat diary of her personal suggestions of what restaurants to try out nearby and other general pointers which was such a nice gesture for any out-of-towner. There were 2 grocery/ general stores withing 3 minutes walking from our place out of which one was a 24/7 one. Yes to fresh fruits ALL the time!
Airbnb | New York City | #RedhuxNYC | strawberries

Airbnb | New York City | #RedhuxNYC | kitchen and living

Airbnb | New York City | #RedhuxNYC | living with windows

Airbnb | New York City | #RedhuxNYC | bedroom

Airbnb | New York City | #RedhuxNYC | diary

Airbnb | New York City | #RedhuxNYC | tv

Airbnb | New York City | #RedhuxNYC | kitchen counter from couch

Airbnb | New York City | #RedhuxNYC | financier upfront
Our regular pit stop before heading out to fashion week for a coffee and a quick pick-me-up sandwich was the Financier which was a minutes walk from our building. Then, hop on to the subway towards all the fashion-action. Our week whizzed by so so fast and before we could hashtag all our insta updates, it was time for us to move out! Boo!
Airbnb | New York City | #RedhuxNYC | financier coffee

Airbnb | New York City | #RedhuxNYC | sandwiches at financier
On one of our free days we walked over to Battery Park which was a 10 minute walk from our apartment. What a gorgeous day it was for a walk in the park. Slightly on the hotter side but nothing we Indians can’t handle! Can you just look at that gorgeous view!!!
Airbnb | New York City | #RedhuxNYC | grass battery park
It is a lovely walk along the water through Battery Park.
Airbnb | New York City | #RedhuxNYC | pier at battery park

Airbnb | New York City | #RedhuxNYC | view of city from battery park
And another day we walked to the other side towards another well known restaurant – Nelson Blue which, to our pleasant surprise had a lovely view of the Brooklyn Bridge! I cannot get over how fabulous the views in this city are – IN ALL DIRECTIONS!!!

Airbnb | New York City | #RedhuxNYC | brooklyn bridge
Coffee and Spicy Calamari at Nelson Blue
Airbnb | New York City | #RedhuxNYC | coffee at nelson blue

Airbnb | New York City | #RedhuxNYC | spicy calamari
On the walk to Nelson Blue.
Airbnb | New York City | #RedhuxNYC | reflection of buildings

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Wall St Apt: Airbnb
This listing is unfortunately no longer available on Airbnb. Guess we lucked out! But hopefully it will be back up soon.
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Hope you enjoyed the post and my 2nd week in NYC! I am ofcourse sharing NY outfits and lots of NYFW on the blog. You can keep track of all of it HERE.

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