New York, New York

We have already been here for 20 days and it seems like we got here 2 days back! We have seen so much but there is so much more to see!! These 20 days have been so fascinating, crazy and stimulating. The more I travel out of Delhi to see new places, the more I hate it every time I get back – but this post is about New York, not New Delhi (euggh).

NYFW was an especially crazy time. I lost track of time sometimes because theer were so many photographs to be edited, blog posts to be drafted and I actually had to be at a show to see it at the same time. It is very different from the fashion week in Delhi in a lot of aspects but similar in a lot too. Much better organized and professional for the volume of people that actually attend NYFW but like any other place, it can get aggressive and catty, especially if you are new to it. But it is an experience to be had for sure.

I carried this total VERO MODA look with me and decided to wear on the rooftop terrace of our first Airbnb apartment in NYC on a sunny Saturday afternoon. It was a cold wind in the shade but very welcoming in the sun. And the views of New York were scintillating. Here is more of the outfit. Don’t miss the Empire State Building at the back in some of the shots! <3 <3 New York | #RedhuxVeroModa | side full empire back

New York | #RedhuxVeroModa | front half holding collar

New York | #RedhuxVeroModa | full half sitting

New York | #RedhuxVeroModa | side half hair fly

New York | #RedhuxVeroModa | details

New York | #RedhuxVeroModa | sitting from side

New York | #RedhuxVeroModa | front hallf hair fly

New York | #RedhuxVeroModa | full front empire at back

New York | #RedhuxVeroModa | sitting front

New York | #RedhuxVeroModa | side half on ledge

New York | #RedhuxVeroModa |  ful front corner

New York | #RedhuxVeroModa | half front hair fly view

New York | #RedhuxVeroModa | side full

New York | #RedhuxVeroModa | half front both arms up

New York | #RedhuxVeroModa | half sitting far

{ Outfit Details }
Top + Jacket + Pants: VERO MODA
Shoes: Vanilla Moon
Photographs courtesy Naina [Edited by me]
Location courtesy: Airbnb

Hope you enjoyed this post! VERO MODA has also come out with an on-trend Denim Collection which is at a 30% off right now!!
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