If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen some of these pics of New York City already but some you haven’t. I still thought I’d put all these up because I feel that they need to be online as well. I can’t get enough of this city. Every corner no matter how dirty has something visually stimulating to offer. I usually don’t put out blog posts this often but bear with me, I feel the need to share. This post was supposed to go live before NYFW started but there was just no time for it! You can find all the NYFW related posts – the shows & presentations I went to HERE.

I had taken this pic back in India before leaving, the day I got some currency exchanged. I took it to photoshop to edit and the program refused to import it. Apparently photoshop doesn’t support editing of any images of currency. WHO KNEW?!
New York City | #RedhuxNYC | cash dollars

The evening view of NYC from our first Airbnb apartment. Still the best view we had in New York.
New York City | #RedhuxNYC | night view traffic

Crossed Lombardi’s Pizza while walking around in Nolita one day. A friend of mine who runs the Frivil Dating App told me that you get the best pizza in the world here. I still have to try it out. But this is what the place looks like from outside.
New York City | #RedhuxNYC | lombardis pizza

Found this wall art on the Rag & Bone Jeans store wall in Nolita.
New York City | #RedhuxNYC | rag and bone art

The Empire State Building lit up for Labors Day
New York City | #RedhuxNYC | labor day lights

Sitting for lunch at Sugar Cafe on Allen Street. On the street. That’s the view I had.
New York City | #RedhuxNYC | view from sugar cafe

New York City | #RedhuxNYC | chocolate

The gorgeous sunset over the Manhattan skyline.
New York City | #RedhuxNYC | sunset

Breakfast at home.
New York City | #RedhuxNYC | brekkie at home

Had to take a selfie with this view in the back.
New York City | #RedhuxNYC | selfie

New York City | #RedhuxNYC | tall buildings

Sprinkles cupcakes. We walked by the shop but turned around because you can’t just pass up on a Sprinkles cupcake.
New York City | #RedhuxNYC | sprinkles branding
They had a very pretty wallpaper in the Sprinkles Store. And they also have a cupcake ATM outside the store if you’re in a hurry.
New York City | #RedhuxNYC | sprinkles wallpaper

You can design your own frikkin t-shirts at the HUGE Uniqlo store.
New York City | #RedhuxNYC | uniqlo

Washington Square park.
New York City | #RedhuxNYC | washington square park

See graffiti. Must click.
New York City | #RedhuxNYC | i love ny

New York City | #RedhuxNYC | nyc building

Inside the Sprinkles store.
New York City | #RedhuxNYC | sprinkles stripes

Yes. That’s the name of the building. 666.
New York City | #RedhuxNYC | 666 building

New York City | #RedhuxNYC | subway

Met up with a friend from college and walked around Washington Square Park.
New York City | #RedhuxNYC | Rahul

New York City | #RedhuxNYC | boy art

New York City | #RedhuxNYC | bark

All pics have been clicked on the cellphone and edited with VSCO Cam on the cellphone itself. Follow me on Instagram for live updates from NYC. This is an express blog post.

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