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I had shared this news a while back on my instagram profile that Naina & I will be spending the month of September in New York City this year and Airbnb is our official hospitality partner ( #RedhuxAirbnb ). I couldn’t fit all of my excitement in that insta update which is why I had to express it here on the blog. I still can’t believe that in 13 hours from now we will be in some of the most fabulous Airbnb properties smack in the middle of all the action – LES (Lower East Side) and Wall Street (Financial District).
New York with Airbnb | #RedhuxAirbnb | branding graphic

We scouted a whole lot of locations with the super helpful Airbnb team and narrowed it down to these 2 properties that were love at first sight. We also have the added bonus of experiencing 2 different hosting arrangements. In 1 we will be living with the host and in the other option we will have the entire apartment to ourselves.
New York with Airbnb | #RedhuxAirbnb | skyline stock

This will be the very first time that I will be experiencing places to live in via Airbnb and I think I’m already hooked! I have looked for and bookmarked my favorite places in cities like Amsterdam and Istanbul already, one of which I plan to do next year! Back to our NY apartments here are a few photographs (sourced from Airbnb) of the 2 gorgeous houses that we will be living in.
The LES apartment on the 23rd Floor:

New York with Airbnb | #RedhuxAirbnb | les1

New York with Airbnb | #RedhuxAirbnb | les2
The Wall Street Apartment:

New York with Airbnb | #RedhuxAirbnb | fidi

Words cannot express how excited I am about getting to NY.

New York with Airbnb | #RedhuxAirbnb | times square stock

I even have my getaway outfit all planned. Think stripes and then some more stripes.

New York with Airbnb | #RedhuxAirbnb | full

New York with Airbnb | #RedhuxAirbnb | face

New York with Airbnb | #RedhuxAirbnb | half

New York with Airbnb | #RedhuxAirbnb | necklace

New York with Airbnb | #RedhuxAirbnb | heli stock

New York with Airbnb | #RedhuxAirbnb | taxis stock

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Lower East Side Apt: Airbnb
Wall Street Apt.: Airbnb
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Follow our journey with Airbnb in New York City with #RedhuxAirbnb

Hope you enjoyed the post and the event through my eyes!
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