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This weekend of mine was slightly different from the rest. I got the chance to get the first look at the new Honda Jazz, all the way at the Buddh International Circuit. It was the pre-launch of the #AllNewJazz and Honda had invited me and a whole lot of bloggers to experience the car before it is officially launched. We also got the opportunity to drive the car on the famous track. Unfortunately I had to leave before the test-drives could get started and missed my chance. But that didn’t stop me from exploring the car thoroughly, running around on the track like a maniac (I have been here once before for the 1st Indian F1 Grand Prix in India, but never ON the track), and even starting the engine of the car to feel the blissful air conditioning on me (the heat spared absolutely no mercy that day).

Here is a photo-story of my day and experience with the new Honda Jazz. Hope you enjoy!

Registrations at Radisson Blu.
#AllNewJazz | Honda | Akanksha Redhu | registration site branding

#AllNewJazz | Honda | Akanksha Redhu | registration

#AllNewJazz | Honda | Akanksha Redhu | focus on tag

At the Buddh International Circuit
#AllNewJazz | Honda | Akanksha Redhu | track pano

#AllNewJazz | Honda | Akanksha Redhu | arms open on track wide

#AllNewJazz | Honda | Akanksha Redhu | branding on track

#AllNewJazz | Honda | Akanksha Redhu | blue car combo

#AllNewJazz | Honda | Akanksha Redhu | outfit on track

#AllNewJazz | Honda | Akanksha Redhu | leaning against car wide

#AllNewJazz | Honda | Akanksha Redhu | with car combo

#AllNewJazz | Honda | Akanksha Redhu | seated in car out

#AllNewJazz | Honda | Akanksha Redhu | sitting in car combo

#AllNewJazz | Honda | Akanksha Redhu | me in car window shut

Had my eye on my favorite color right from the beginning:

#AllNewJazz | Honda | Akanksha Redhu | front branding wide

I particularly love the way the lines run on the body of the car and this Carnelian Red Pearl color is super alluring. Kinda went with my outfit too!

#AllNewJazz | Honda | Akanksha Redhu | leaning against car indoors

The Instrument Cluster panel colors and lighting are also fantastic. The car also has automatic climate control so you don’t need to fidget with the controls. Just set the temp and that’s it!

#AllNewJazz | Honda | Akanksha Redhu | focus on spedometer

The Rear spoiler gives it a nice sporty look which is a personal preference of mine in cars.

#AllNewJazz | Honda | Akanksha Redhu | back of car

#AllNewJazz | Honda | Akanksha Redhu | doors open car

Any car of Honda you buy now has abs and air-bags as standard equipment so that’s always great safety measures. And yes ladies, the co-driver seat has that mirror too! Phew!

#AllNewJazz | Honda | Akanksha Redhu | co passenger mirror

#AllNewJazz | Honda | Akanksha Redhu | focus on steering wheel

The diesel version of the jazz has the same tried-and-tested engine as all the other diesel Honda cars giving a mileage of 27.3kmpl which sounds super for long drives.

#AllNewJazz | Honda | Akanksha Redhu | branding on back of car
For more information on the car and specs, you can visit the Honda Website HERE.
#AllNewJazz | Honda | Akanksha Redhu | branding on steering wheel

#AllNewJazz | Honda | Akanksha Redhu | outfit mirror full

#AllNewJazz | Honda | Akanksha Redhu | outfit front half

#AllNewJazz | Honda | Akanksha Redhu | me on track wide

{ Outfit Details }
Pants + Red Tank Top: Mango
White Shirt: Zara
Leather Tote: Richa Designs
Wristwatch: Fossil
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban
Silver Earrings: Amrapali
Shoes: Forever21

Hope you enjoyed the post.
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