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To be honest, this is the first time I have even tried using an epilator. Thanks to Philips, I got to try out the Satinelle Advanced Epilator BRE210 which is from their latest range of Satinelle Epilators that help you #BeReadyEveryday. Since I can remember, my go to technique for hair removal has been good old waxing which I get done once every month. I usually visit the closest salon to my place that I know will deliver a good job on the waxing.
Philips - Satinelle Advanced Epilator | Akanksha Redhu | holding face blurred

The introduction to a nifty little at-home way of hair-removal had me quite excited since the entire process of wearing ‘outside’ clothes, looking half presentable, heading out the door, driving to the salon and doing all that in reverse for the way back had ALL been eliminated in one step. I say this with such wonder because I don’t shave my skin which is why I haven’t experienced such ease before. I have used the Satinelle Advanced Epilator by Philips twice now and want to share my experience with it. I will also be sharing a few of my personal tips that help me while epilating my skin.
Philips - Satinelle Advanced Epilator | Akanksha Redhu | box

Philips - Satinelle Advanced Epilator | Akanksha Redhu | flatlay

The particular epilator BRE210 that I have featured in this post is priced at ₹ 5,995/- and has a variety of interesting features:
~ It comes with 2 speed settings to let you figure out what you are comfortable with.
~ It’s cordless and comes with it’s own charger. It is also advised that you not epilate with the device plugged in getting charged. Always cordless.
~ The epilation discs are said to remove hair shorter than what even waxing can get.
~ Comes with a separate ‘Sensitive Area’ cap that helps you epilate seamlessly in your underarms or bikini line.
~ The device is completely waterproof which means that you can literally use it in your shower under the running water and wash the epilation head to clean it.
~ It has a special ‘Skin Stretcher’ cap that holds the skin taut for better hair removal and also much less painful epilation.
~ The device also comes with a separate shaving head that lets you simply shave for times when you don’t feel like epilating.
Philips - Satinelle Advanced Epilator | Akanksha Redhu | tilted flatlay

I am very impressed with the numerous ways in which the Satinelle Advanced Epilator can be used and changed according to your needs. It’s good to see technology become smarter and more versatile as times change along with our preferences. As a kid I always heard of someone or the other complaining about how painful epilators were. Thankfully I never got to experience epilation at the time. Using this epilator was not at all a painful process for me, much to my surprise! But that could also be due to the fact that I am a regular waxer and am used to my hair being pulled out (ouch I know but you get used to it)
Philips - Satinelle Advanced Epilator | Akanksha Redhu | epilating elbow

Here are some personal tips I have become a fan of while using the epilator that help in getting a smooth hairless epilation.
–> I always epilate after a warm water shower in which I have done some good quality skin exfoliation using either a body scrub or my favorite exfoliating gloves. I do this even before my waxing appointments because the warm water helps open the pores and weakens the hair-roots and the exfoliation prevents in-grown hair and those unsightly hair bumps after a few days of hair-removal.
–> Since pain is not an issue with me, for those who do experience epilation pain, an ice-pack just before epilation would be your best bet because it tends to numb the skin without any chemical creams.
–> I ALWAYS epilate or wax a day before I need to have sexy hair-less legs (for a shoot, pool day or any reason really). The 24 hour buffer settles any redness that the skin might experience post hair-removal.
–> Always hold the epilator upright at an angle of 90 degrees from the skin and move it against the direction of hair-growth in tiny circles. This ensures getting to all the hair.
–> ALWAYS ALWAYS moisturize after the epilation is done. Preferably with some natural aloe-vera containing stuff.

Philips - Satinelle Advanced Epilator | Akanksha Redhu | button under finger

Philips - Satinelle Advanced Epilator | Akanksha Redhu | epilating arm
Close up of the epilation head.
Philips - Satinelle Advanced Epilator | Akanksha Redhu | epilation head
This is what the shaving attachment looks like.
Philips - Satinelle Advanced Epilator | Akanksha Redhu | shaving head
With both the epilation + shaving head.
Philips - Satinelle Advanced Epilator | Akanksha Redhu | flatlay with 2 heads
Hope you enjoyed this post and my tips. I would love to know your experience with the Philips Satinelle Epilator. You can also shop this epilator on Amazon India.

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*{client disclosure} – the device was sent across as a press sample

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