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I got my hands on one of the latest essential straighteners that Philips has recently launched – The Selfie Straightener HP8302 and I decided to test it out. Read about my experience using the ‘Selfie Straightener’ and some of my tips for straightening your hair when using a straightening iron like this one.
Philips - Selfie Straightener | Akanksha Redhu | carton in front of face

Philips India has introduced the Selfie Straightener as an entry level, ‘basic needs’ straightener that does exactly what it is required and expected to do – straighten hair. Priced at an extremely attractive and affordable price of ₹ 1,195/- my only regret is that they didn’t come out with this product when I was in college. Hello sexy hair! This straightener is perfect for school and college-goers who don’t really want to splurge on an extraordinary hair styling weapon but are instead looking at getting the job done within their budget, quick & easy (just like selfies)
Philips - Selfie Straightener | Akanksha Redhu | carton and device long

The Selfie Straightener has a safer slightly lower heating temperature at 210 degrees Celsius which cannot be changed but gets the job done just as easily and has ceramic plates which are great for styling fine to normal hair and are also softer on the hair compared to other materials. One of the best features of this product is it’s quick heating time. The device heats up completely in just 60 seconds that makes it very suitable for times when you are in a hurry and want to straighten your hair super quick. It also has a swivel cord that prevents tangled wires that again saves on time. With compact packaging, this Philips hair straightener is a great device for travelling as well.
Philips - Selfie Straightener | Akanksha Redhu | packaging flat

Philips - Selfie Straightener | Akanksha Redhu | poker straight hair close up

Philips - Selfie Straightener | Akanksha Redhu | swivel cord

Philips - Selfie Straightener | Akanksha Redhu | iron grip in front of face

Philips - Selfie Straightener | Akanksha Redhu | light on

Philips - Selfie Straightener | Akanksha Redhu | grip close up flat

Now for some quick personal tips that I always follow when I straighten my hair at home:
~ ALWAYS have your hair a 100% dry before using a straightening iron. And I mean absolutely bone dry. Even the slightest dampness or product residue can literally boil your hair and force the product into the hair follicle.
~ While your hair is damp after your shower, always use a thermal protectant every time you know that you are going to be using heat on them. And wait till all of it has dried up completely.
~ While straightening, you should separate your hair into fine and thin sections to save on time and make sure that you apply heat on a particular section only once to avoid hair damage. Thicker sections will not get straightened completely and will cause you to apply more heat.
~ After you are done with your straightening, allow your hair to cool down and finish off with a finishing product/serum that reduces frizz and adds shine.
Philips - Selfie Straightener | Akanksha Redhu | hair through the iron

Philips - Selfie Straightener | Akanksha Redhu | device and branding in front of face

Hope you enjoyed this post and my tips. I would love to know your experience with the Philips Selfie Straightener. You can shop this straightener on Amazon India.

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*{client disclosure} – the device was sent across as a press sample

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