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The one form of fitness that I am most fond of is Yoga. I have been playing, having fun with Yoga since my school years and I have my Father to thank for introducing me to it. Whenever he was posted in field areas ( he is ex-infantry and a field area is where families cannot live with the officer due to lack of safety because of hostile social conditions, etc ) he would mail me or bring back photographs of him in yoga poses that he practiced. I am talking about times when you actually had to buy postal stamps, mail physical letters, and wait. It was a lengthy process, but the fruit was so much sweeter. ( I sounded 40 to myself while typing that statement but I’ll let it stay ).

Back to yoga, My Dad never sent me too many photographs, but whatever few he did, really had an impact on me. I have since clung on to Yoga and made it a part of my life. I am not a serious Yoga practitioner or learnt it professionally and am certainly not qualified to teach it as yet but what I would like to do is share my love for it with you. In hopes that I may perhaps influence someone else to try it out and make it a part of their lives.

The one thing that I know Yoga has improved for me for certainly is my flexibility and my state of mind. I cannot be sure about how much it has helped in me losing or maintaining my weight or form mainly because it is not the only form of exercise I indulge in. I can’t really explain in words but Yoga does help me mentally too. It opens me up in a certain way, makes my mind firmer and maybe even gives me more confidence in myself. I am not talking about confidence in my physical appearance but overall confidence – in everything.

There is so much more that I want to say about Yoga but one blog post will not nearly be enough. However, I am glad I have finally started sharing my love for Yoga on the blog and sharing it with you. I intend to do many more such posts where I share the asanas/ poses I myself practice and love. I would love to know how you like my posts on Yoga, if there is something you would like me to change or add and what you would like to see.

Moving base to Goa for a bit has made me do the one thing that I love so SO much – Yoga on the beach.

I’m starting with ‘Vrksasana’ or Vriksasana’ which literally means a ‘tree pose’

Yoga Love | Vrksasana - Tree Pose | Akanksha Redhu

Vrksasana (vrik-SHAHS-anna)

This asana gives a good stretch to your inner thighs, groin and shoulders & helps in strengthening your core, inner things and leg muscles. It is great for developing your balance and also calms your mind and nervous system while increasing your body mind awareness. It also builds strength in your ankles.

How to do it:

~ Standing tall, place your feet parallel and hip width apart.
~ Try and focus on 1 visual point with your eyes if possible (it helps with the balance)
~ Engage your core, shift your weight on your left foot, inhale, raise your right foot and place your right sole on your left leg – on the calf, mid thigh or upper thigh (whatever you are comfortable with). Make sure your right toes are pointing downward and you right leg is pointing to the right, not the front.
~ Your pelvis should not be dropping in any direction and the body as a whole should be a straight line.
~ Keep your core engaged to stay in a straight position.
~ Place your plams together (like when praying). Inhale again & slowly raise your arms overhead.
~ Avoid raising your shoulder blades since that increases tension in the neck.
~ Stay in this position for as long as you like with deep breathing.
~ Exhale to lower your palms & right foot slowly. Shake your left foot and repeat the same for the other leg.

Note of Caution: Do not place the sole of the lifted foot directly on the side of the knee. Above or below is fine. Additionally, raising the arms above the head for any length of time may involve risks for persons with high blood pressure in which case they can be kept at chest level.

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