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It is going to be about 5 months since I shared with you my experience with Pantene in the #ProofNotPromises feature. I have been more often than not, using the Pantene shampoo + conditioner combo throughout this time. I wouldn’t say that I have been using it religiously non-stop. I am human & I do love giving other products a try, but during this course of 5 months, I can safely say that Pantene has become a part of my routine – a way of life. I find myself going back to these 2 products everytime I need my ‘feel good’ hair. Hair that is calm, clean and feels healthy & stress-free with the sheen to support it.
Feel Good Hair | Pantene | Akanksha Redhu | bottles in front focus

Feel Good Hair | Pantene | Akanksha Redhu | fingers in hair long

You can also win yourself some Pantene hampers to experience the range yourself by taking part in the ‘Frowny to Smiley’ challenge. Details of the contest are at the end of the blog post.
Feel Good Hair | Pantene | Akanksha Redhu | comb in hair side

In a way, Pantene has helped in transforming those frown-worthy hair moments to more smile-deserving ones for me. #PanteneDifference. That means lesser bad-hair-days and more fabulous-at-home-hair even without any sort or heat or styling. Just air-drying. While I don’t really have a rough-hair problem, they do tend to feel limp and dull from time to time and the best way to fix that is just a simple Pantene shampoo + conditioner treatment. Just the basics, no fancy products, chemicals or names you cannot pronounce.
Feel Good Hair | Pantene | Akanksha Redhu | fingers in hair wide

My favorite hands down is the Pantene conditioner. It really helps with de-tangling of the hair and settling them down if they are on the path to a being a frizzy nightmare.
Feel Good Hair | Pantene | Akanksha Redhu | conditioner in hand

The Pro-Vitamin B5 complex reaches all the hair strands through the lather into the inner-core of the hair strand to deliver maximum nourishment which helps in improving the health of the hair which in turn makes them shinier.
Feel Good Hair | Pantene | Akanksha Redhu | hair flip

Pantene also has the new Keratin Damage Blockers technology that is meant especially to minimize hair damage by increasing the protein retention capacity of the hair. So that combing or brushing you hair is actually a fun process and not a worrying and stressing activity.
Feel Good Hair | Pantene | Akanksha Redhu | comb in hair back

Feel Good Hair | Pantene | Akanksha Redhu | frown to smile

And now for the Giveaway! Here are the details of the contest:

~ Send in a frowny selfie of yours on Twitter OR Facebook OR Instagram
~ Tag @Pantene_India in all your entries
~ Use the hashtags #PanteneDifference AND #StrongInsideShineOutside in all your entries
~ Multiple entries are allowed as long as you use different selfies each time
~ Contest is open to people living in India only
~ 5 winners will be picked randomly who will win a fun Pantene hamper each
~ Contest ends on the 31st of March, 2015. Winners will be announced on the 5th of April, 2015.

So get going!!

Feel Good Hair | Pantene | Akanksha Redhu | smile with bottles
Hope you enjoyed the post. I would love to know of your experience with Pantene too!
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