Bacon & Brie; Marry Me!

Two of my absolute favourites – Bacon & Brie, starring together for the first time on my blog, both as leads ofcourse. Now I’m no food expert to tell you what pairs well with what. But what I can tell you is that THIS makes a bomb sandwich. One of my evergreen favorites. Make me one of these and you will have my wilful loyalty and attention.

This is a simple, quick and easy sandwich that is both hearty and very very satisfying. I wouldn’t call it healthy – hello bacon & cheese! But it is perfect for lazy Sundays and really good for the soul. Just don’t eat this everyday. I have tried to make this as healthy as I could but obviously the bacon is all pork and no fake pork and the cheese is the regular kind you get in the supermarket, no organic or low fat. But I have made the sunny side up egg in the microwave with no oil and the onions have been sauteed in half a teaspoon of bacon fat coz there’s enough fat coming from the piggy once you fry the bacon. Here are the easy simple steps involved:
Fry the bacon slices in the pan with no added oil or butter. Do add about 2 tablespoons of water while frying to make them extra crispy if you like. Arrange the bacon on the bread and don’t throw away the pork fat collected in the pan.
Bacon & Brie Egg Sandwich | Akanksha Redhu | bacon on both slices arranged
Retain about 1 or half teaspoon of the bacon fat and sautee the onions in it.
Bacon & Brie Egg Sandwich | Akanksha Redhu | sauteed onions
Simultaneously crack open an egg in a glass microwave-safe flat bowl and place it in the microwave at 30-40% power for about 2-3 minutes depending on how powerful your microwave is. Sprinkle some salt & freshly ground pepper.
Bacon & Brie Egg Sandwich | Akanksha Redhu | microwave single fry
Place thin slices of the brie cheese on one slice of bread and the egg on the other slice on top of the bacon slices.
Bacon & Brie Egg Sandwich | Akanksha Redhu | brie packaging

Bacon & Brie Egg Sandwich | Akanksha Redhu | brie & egg arranged on top of bacon
Followed by onions
Bacon & Brie Egg Sandwich | Akanksha Redhu | onions arranged on top of egg
Followed by some fresh coriander
Bacon & Brie Egg Sandwich | Akanksha Redhu | with coriander on top
AND voila! Ennnjoi!
Bacon & Brie Egg Sandwich | Akanksha Redhu | final sandwich

I realize that this is not what my usual posts look like but I find this sandwich so marvelous that there was no way I was not gonna share it on the blog. Do let me know if you liked this post and would like to see more like it in the future.
Happy eating!
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