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As a next step to the very popular ‘Hydra Beauty’ series of products, Chanel is launching the Hydra Beauty Micro Sérum that is an intense replenishing and hydrating formula for all skin types. This is a high-tolerance, alcohol-free formula which seems very gentle and suitable for sensitive skin types as well.
Hydra Beauty Micro Serum | Chanel | Akanksha Redhu | bottle with booklet
I have been using the Hydra Beauty Micro Sérum for over 2 weeks now and here is my experience using it:

It comes in a frosty blue bottle of 30 ml and is priced at around ₹ 6,900/- The bottle has a pump dispenser which helps in preserving the life of the active ingredients present in the serum. Like all Chanel beauty products, it has a wonderful fragrance that I personally love. However such a strong fragrance might be a problem for very sensitive skin types as it is known to cause irritation. The serum is pleasantly light and if someone like me with combination/ oily skin feels great using it twice daily, the product is bound to finish up quite quickly I imagine.
Hydra Beauty Micro Serum | Chanel | Akanksha Redhu | bottle with carton front

The texture of this serum completely won my heart! I haven’t seen such a refreshingly light texture of such a hydrating serum in any other product. It is a watery gel-type serum when you pump it out of the bottle. It has micro-droplets of camellia oil & blue ginger extract that are meant to hydrate parched skin for upto 24 hours and also fight free radicals. And when I say micro-droplets, I don’t mean the micro-droplets you have seen in other products ever. For the first time, the micro-droplets don’t have any encapsulation. Which means that while they are suspended droplets inside the bottle, the moment you pump out the serum from the bottle, the droplets immediately and efficiently deliver the active ingredients to the skin. For this reason, I do not pump the serum on my hand, spread it on my palms & then apply it on my face. I directly pump it out on my cheeks & spread it using my fingers.
Hydra Beauty Micro Serum | Chanel | Akanksha Redhu | texture with bottle in hand

Having the watery texture it has, I only need one pump for my entire face because it spreads really easily and quickly. I take 2 slightly smaller pumps on both my cheeks and spread that all over my neck as well. Once you have spread the serum, it’s texture changes rather quickly into a velvety finish. And before you know it, all of it has been absorbed by your skin.
Hydra Beauty Micro Serum | Chanel | Akanksha Redhu | spread texture

I love the supple feeling that the Hydra Beauty Micro Sérum gives to my skin after application. This is the first thing I apply on my face after washing it. Followed by my regular moisturizer/ sunscreen and then makeup if required. Because this serum is so hydrating, it forms a fabulous base for makeup and doesn’t let it get cakey all day. However in my opinion, the feeling of hydration lasts about half a day that is approx 5-6 hours. It leaves my skin calm, supple, radiant and smooth to touch.

This serum is truly universal since it suits all skin types and manages to hydrate extremely well with no feeling of heaviness and the lightest texture possible. I have been using this product twice everyday and have had no complaints. I just want buckets of it since I know I’ll finish it soon. All skins need this refreshing moisturizing feeling and I recommend it to everyone. However, for it’s price, it doesn’t exactly perform miracles, it is after-all a hydrating serum. So go for it if you are looking for a luxurious break for the skin and are in the mood to spend.

Rating: 8/10
Hydra Beauty Micro Serum | Chanel | Akanksha Redhu | bottle with carton back

Hope you enjoyed reading the review! Any further questions and queries are most welcome.
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