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It is almost a brand new year, I have tried a lot more beauty products and I have a few new additions to my beauty routine. I try not to change the products I use too often since I have sensitive and acne-prone skin. So when I find a product that apart from not upsetting my skin, suits it like a charm, I tend to hang on to it for dear life. This goes for both skincare products and even makeup products.

At the end of 2014, I am sharing with you some beauty products that I am currently using pretty much on a daily basis. I am quite thrilled to also mention that my raging acne has settled a bit and I am now left to deal with the scars it left behind. I usually turn to makeup and a bit of photoshop for my shoots but makeup alone seems to cover up the scars pretty well too.
Current Beauty Routine | Akanksha Redhu | numbered

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(1) Niacinamide B3 Skin Serum – Skin Beauty Solutions
My daily face serum. I use it as a moisturizer, twice a day after washing my face. Its not too heavy for oily acne-prone skin and is loaded with Niacinamide which is a form of Vitamin B3 that reduces loss of water from the skin and even helps in treating acne. Skin Beauty Solutions is a great brand of which I am a regular customer because they have some lovely products with working ingredients that are reasonably priced. They have their own website and can also be bought from eBay. I purchase my products from eBay and yes, they deliver to India. They even have salicylic, glycolic, etc acid peels for the face that you can do at home for a fraction of the price that you usually pay at your derm or salon.
Current Beauty Routine | Akanksha Redhu | kama ayurveda

(2) Kumkumadi Brightening Ayurvedic Face Scrub – Kama Ayurveda
I discovered this product about 5 months back when I was looking for a strong scrub to help remove the dead skin get my face produces because of the drying products I tend to use for my acne sometimes. While this may not be as strong as the scrub I was looking for, it is a blessing in disguise. Turns out, you don’t need a strong scrub – that will only irritate your skin further. What you need is to regularly use a subtle scrub to keep the dead skin away. The discovery of the ‘scrubbing’ process hit me like a eureka moment. I had no clue how much difference the inclusion of this step would make in improving my complexion and my acne. The Kumkumadi scrub gently removes dead skin and keeps your skin supple at the same time. With real saffron, it also aids in maintaining an even complexion over time. I use this scrub twice a day before I use my regular facewash so that it cleans more effectively.

(3) Corrector in ‘Peach’ – Bobbi Brown
The corrector again was a recent ground-breaking discovery for me. I have dark cicles that don’t budge no matter how many fruits or veggies I eat or workout I get. And this is the best solution that I have found as yet for them. While makeup-artists almost always apply this with a brush, I go right ahead with my ring finger. The body heat from the finger tends to melt the product slightly and helps in its application under the eye. The ‘peach’ color is particularly supposed to be more suited to Indian skin tones and immediately makes a big difference to my dark circles. I then top it up with foundation and concealer depending on how much coverage I’m looking for.

(4) ‘Modern Muse’ Eau De Parfum – Estée Lauder
This one is a lovely and graceful perfume that I tend to use everyday during the day-time. For meetings and lunches, this one is not a heavy fragrance and is almost a translucent dewy jasmine touch to your skin. Not very long-lasting which is perfect since I prefer wearing heavier and more serious fragrances for my evenings.
Current Beauty Routine | Akanksha Redhu | modern muse
(5) Skin Foundation Stick in ‘Natural 4’ – Bobbi Brown
This is the first time I have ever used a stick foundation. I always thought of these to be too sticky for oily skin, but this one by Bobbi Brown definitely changed that image. It surely is moisturizing but not in a heavy way at all. It glides perfectly and is really easy tp spread and apply on the face. With buildable coverage, this is a great tool to have especially when you are travelling. No spills.

(6) Glamour Serum Drops – Toni&Guy
These are exactly as their name suggests. I apply one pump on the ends of my hair after a quick blow dry at home and the shine it gives to the mane is not something I have ever seen any other hair-serum provide. This is some serious business. Not a lot of product gets used at a time so this will last long too. My hair routine is very simple – shampoo and condition. I don’t even condition every time I shampoo and I try to let my hair dry naturally as much as possible. So this is like my quick pamper treatment which gives a special shine to my hair.

(7) Hydra Beauty Micro Serum – Chanel
This is again a super-light yet very hydrating formula by Chanel. A little bit goes a long way so I need one pump for my entire face and it almost has a watery texture to it. No oiliness at all and really great as a base before I apply my makeup. It’s got the traditional to-die-for Chanel fragrance which I don’t mind at all.
Current Beauty Routine | Akanksha Redhu | clarins
(8) Lotus Face Treatment Oil – Clarins
I only use this exotic lotus treatment oil on nights when my skin is feeling particularly dry and parched. Since it is after-all oil, I tend to keep usage to a minimum. However it has a lovely luxurious feel to it. I apply this product as the last step in my facial care. Scrub, wash, eye-cream, face serum, anti-acne product and then this. I am happy with the fact that this has not resulted in any break-outs but that could also be because I use it sparingly.

(9) Cheeky Glow Blush in ‘Peachy Sweetie’ – Maybelline
One of the lightest colored blushes I have used. But because it is so lightly tinted, it gives a very natural pearly look to the cheeks. For the evenings, I use my usual darker blush and finish it off with this one to add some dimension.
Current Beauty Routine | Akanksha Redhu | maybelline
(10) Perfecting Concealer in ‘shade d’ – Stila
I CANNOT do without this tiny little tube. A great match to my skin color, great texture – not too oily and certainly not drying and the coverage is just splendid! One of the best liquid concealers I have used till date.
Current Beauty Routine | Akanksha Redhu | stila
(11) ‘Lingering Kiss’ Lipstick – MACCosmetics
This deep broody shade is perfect for the winters. I am a huge fan of vamp lip colors and this fits the bill perfectly. Read more about this one HERE.

(12) Nail Color in ‘643 Desirio’ – Chanel
A brand new shade to join my collection from the Spring 2015 Chanel collection – Collection Rêverie Parisienne. A vibrant plum shade that will look good throughout the year. More product reviews from this collection will be on the blog soon!
Current Beauty Routine | Akanksha Redhu | le vernis

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Watermelon bag is from
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Hope you enjoyed a peek into my personal beauty routine.Do you use any of the mentioned products? I would love to know!
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{ Some products have been sent across as samples by the PR and some are personal purchases }

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