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When dealing with the style options to go with gold jewelry, I almost always like to stick to the major players – white, black and ivory. And rather than moving in the direction of traditional-wear, I have always preferred experimenting with fusion of different styles.
Gold Jewelry | LoveGold | #akanksharedhu | full side
In India, when someone talks about solid gold jewelry, most people usually jump straight to Indian-wear, auspicious occasions like weddings or pujas. It is still quite rare to spot a 20-something girl wearing gold jewelry with her western outfits, be it for formal occasions or even casual day-wear. And yes, 20-somethings these days do have the spending power to own real gold jewelry. Perhaps not too much, but all you really need are a few key pieces.
Gold Jewelry | LoveGold | #akanksharedhu | bangles playing with necklace
It’s easy to wear gold jewelry with Indian-wear – sarees, anarkalis, lehengas, etc. What usually keeps me on my toes is how to style gold jewelry with a non-Indian outfit. Like a dress, in the day. While I may not have come up with a way to don real gold in an absolute casual, wild, day-wear setting, I have tried making it work with a more formal day look in this outfit. A dress and a coat, because it is devilishly cold and dreary in the days currently here.
Gold Jewelry | LoveGold | #akanksharedhu | half front bangles coat
Working in collaboration with LoveGold has given me the opportunity to play with a lot of great gold jewelers and designs. For this outfit all the gold jewelry is 22k gold by Jaipur Gems. I have stacked all the gold bangles & cuffs together to make a one major statement gold arm that you just can’t miss and a delicate multi-stranded necklace to balance off the look. A solid white dress which plays the part of a blank canvas for the beauty of the jewelry to come out and a black n white coat to keep me cosy and put finishing touches to the look. The clutch belonged to this outfit no-questions-asked so I just couldn’t drop it.
Gold Jewelry | LoveGold | #akanksharedhu | arm raised half front

Gold Jewelry | LoveGold | #akanksharedhu | full face earring
Alternatively, you can just go with some brilliant statement earrings with massive rubies and diamonds set in gold. You won’t need any other piece of jewelry to go with them because these would probably be visible from outer space.
Gold Jewelry | LoveGold | #akanksharedhu | earrings closeup face

Gold Jewelry | LoveGold | #akanksharedhu | half side

Gold Jewelry | LoveGold | #akanksharedhu | walking

Gold Jewelry | LoveGold | #akanksharedhu | necklace long

Gold Jewelry | LoveGold | #akanksharedhu | bangles clutch long

Gold Jewelry | LoveGold | #akanksharedhu | full front

Gold Jewelry | LoveGold | #akanksharedhu | earrings in palm

Gold Jewelry | LoveGold | #akanksharedhu | half front necklace

Gold Jewelry | LoveGold | #akanksharedhu | necklace closeup wide

Gold Jewelry | LoveGold | #akanksharedhu | with clutch wide

Gold Jewelry | LoveGold | #akanksharedhu | half front necklace pout

{ Outfit Details }
All Gold Jewellery (in 22k gold): Jaipur Gems | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram |
Dress: StalkBuyLove
Shoes: Charles & Keith
Coat: Sheinside | Shop Here |
Clutch: Rimple & Harpreet Narula

What do you think of my outfit? Does the jewelry work? How would you have worn it differently? I would love to know!

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