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You know you’re in love when you have familiarized yourself with all the designs available online of the jewelry label you can’t get enough of. That is Eina Ahluwalia for me.
#FutureHeirlooms | Eina Ahluwalia | | love necklace close up

#FutureHeirlooms | Eina Ahluwalia | | package box
Personally, I get drawn to all sorts of design sensibilities when it comes to jewelery, depending on my mood. But for a classic take, intricate craftsmanship, attention to detail and a feeling of constant flow (the way energy surges through a medium) some jewelery pieces automatically tend to stand out. It is even lovelier if the piece comes with its own story weaved into its design.
#FutureHeirlooms | Eina Ahluwalia | | half front kirpan raised

#FutureHeirlooms | Eina Ahluwalia | | kirpan necklace close up
I have kept a keen eye on the beautiful creations by Eina Ahluwalia for the longest time which is why doing this shoot with my favourite pieces was pure joy for me!
#FutureHeirlooms | Eina Ahluwalia | | full side with earrings

I have kept my outfit all black to bring out the brilliance of gold. A classic midi black dress and vintage Ray-Bans to a be a subtle yet strong background for the jewelery to be featured on.
#FutureHeirlooms | Eina Ahluwalia | | half front necklaces and ring

#FutureHeirlooms | Eina Ahluwalia | | earring closeup

#FutureHeirlooms | Eina Ahluwalia | | wearing baroque cuff

#FutureHeirlooms | Eina Ahluwalia | | face34th earrings

#FutureHeirlooms | Eina Ahluwalia | | love necklace face blurred

#FutureHeirlooms | Eina Ahluwalia | | half side earring

#FutureHeirlooms | Eina Ahluwalia | | face34th with ring

#FutureHeirlooms | Eina Ahluwalia | | earrings focus face blurred

#FutureHeirlooms | Eina Ahluwalia | | baroque cuff in hand

#FutureHeirlooms | Eina Ahluwalia | | love necklace on hand

{ Outfit Details }
All Gold Jewellery: Eina Ahluwalia | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram |
| Looking Back Ring II | Love Necklace | Kirpan Necklace | Baroque Cuff | MQ Sudarshan Chakra Earrings |
Dress: StalkBuyLove
Sunglasses: Vintage Ray-Ban
Shoes: Forever21

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