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When I think of gold jewellery, I think of how it has stood the test of time and yet come out so precious, coveted and simply special. Our mothers have passed down some of their most treasured gold jewellery to us the same way their mothers did and so on. Besides the fact that gold in itself is such a strong & long-lasting precious-metal, when we own a piece of gold jewellery, it creates an unspoken bond for life which we would love to pass down as ‘Future Heirlooms’ to those that are special and close to us. In essence, along with the heirloom jewellery, we pass down all the feelings and experiences we have had with it.

#FutureHeirlooms | LoveGold | Akanksha Redhu | necklace dress hands up

#FutureHeirlooms | LoveGold | Akanksha Redhu | trench arms on waist

#FutureHeirlooms | LoveGold | Akanksha Redhu | brand box
It is quite a special feeling when we chance upon gold jewellery that speaks to us in a certain way, almost like a work of art. We then make that jewellery a part of us, wearing it for most parts of our lives, never losing its charm even for a second. Symetree is one such jewellery house that creates exquisite pieces of art in gold that are meant to be cherished and passed down as #FutureHeirlooms. In this post I have featured some of my all time favourites that the Symetree store in Khan Market currently houses, all which I would love to own, experience life with and pass down to someone who is truly special to me.
#FutureHeirlooms | LoveGold | Akanksha Redhu | hand accessories

#FutureHeirlooms | LoveGold | Akanksha Redhu | dress half side face
When I wear such treasured gold jewellery, I tend to let my outfits be only about that. There is something about the warmth that yellow gold exudes that is so much more regal than a silver or platinum. Great works of art need a clean blank wall to be able to speak from. Gold in itself is such a gorgeous color / material that it really needs no introduction. We seldom wear gold jewellery that we don’t like, firstly because it would be a huge wasted investment and secondly because it would never be special enough.
#FutureHeirlooms | LoveGold | Akanksha Redhu | full front

#FutureHeirlooms | LoveGold | Akanksha Redhu | necklace close1
I have paired some gorgeous gold pieces all from Symetree with a stone grey jersey dress for some contrast and kept it classic with a trench which is just about the layering you need in the Delhi sun currently. A really comfy pair of suede shoes and vintage sunglasses to complete the look. I especially love this gold bangle with the unpolished emerald.

#FutureHeirlooms | LoveGold | Akanksha Redhu | bangle hand in pocket

#FutureHeirlooms | LoveGold | Akanksha Redhu | dress half front

#FutureHeirlooms | LoveGold | Akanksha Redhu | trench 34th face

#FutureHeirlooms | LoveGold | Akanksha Redhu | dress waist side

#FutureHeirlooms | LoveGold | Akanksha Redhu | necklace sun close

#FutureHeirlooms | LoveGold | Akanksha Redhu | earring face side

#FutureHeirlooms | LoveGold | Akanksha Redhu | ring close

{ Outfit Details }
All Gold Jewellery (in 22k gold): Symetree | Facebook |
Dress: Forever21
Sunglasses: Vintage Ray-Ban
Shoes: Aldo
Trench: Zara

#FutureHeirlooms is an initiative undertaken by LoveGold to feature gold jewellery that will be treasured forever. Do you have any gold jewellery that you would call a future heirloom? I would love to know more about it.
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